Exercises to Strengthen Lower Back

Most of you who start exercising will notice you have weak cores. It was my 9th day at the gym today and I have been struggling through doing crunches and other exercises for my abs. Mostly because of the pain. But I gradually noticed that I was having a sharp pain while doing workouts for my thighs- inner and outer thigh workouts mainly. The pain was felt at my coccyx area, like totally lowest part of the spinal cord, lower butt. So I asked the trainer about it and she made me do the following exercises to strengthen my back. She asked me to build up the repetitions of each exercise and said it will help me with my other workouts too and also keep me injury-free. That's what I wanted.
      Please consult with your doctor before attempting this.


              Most of us are always seated and this puts too much pressure on our spine especially at the base.

This move is used to counteract that, it stretches the flexor muscles of the hip and strengthens the muscles around the spine, also muscles of the lower back, the buttocks and the major abdominal muscles.
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Lie flat on your back. Bend your knees and place them apart on the floor.

Place your arms by the side of either hip, palm facing downward. Be comfortable.
Keeping your back straight, lift your buttocks off the floor till your back forms a straight line from shoulder to your knees.
Hold this position for a count to ten and then lower yourself slowly.
Keep repeating the same. It feels good too.


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My trainer didn't call it that but since I know some yoga as well, I quickly identified it as the famous asana most of us are aware of.

For this you have to lie prone with your chin on the floor.

Keep your arms by the sides of your chest and palms flat down on the floor.
Inhale, raise your upper body up, ie your head, neck and chest. Lower body remains stable on the floor.
Hold the pose for few seconds, count , breathe and lower your chin to the floor again along with the upper body. Rest, then lift up again and repeat as many times as you can comfortably. This offers an awesome stretch.

Those with hernia and ulcer should not do this asana.


Nice name, huh!! ;) You can also call it the Dorsal Raise.

This exercise targets the Erector Spinae.
Lay flat on your belly. Arms stretched put above your head. Keep your head facing the floor through the entire workout.
Raise your arms and legs at the same time. Really focus on your lower back.Hold it on top for as much as you can.Come up and down.
Squeeze your glutes(buttock muscles) at the top of contraction.


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Another level of the same exercise as above:

Lay flat on your belly. Arms stretched in front of you.
Lift one arm and the opposite leg together. Hold that for a count of two.
Come back down and alternate with the opposite arm and leg.
keep your head straight.


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Another really cool yoga move!

This also helps to burn the abdomen fat as you can feel it burn during the stretch.

Lie down flat on the ground, keeping arms by your side. Chin on your mat.
Bend your legs with knee and place above your hip.
Reach with your arms back and hold on to your ankles.
Gradually raise your upper body, keeping the bottom steady and flat on the mat.Arch your back while you are at it.
Arch your head back and hold for ten counts.
Go back to position one slowly. Repeat again.

I hope you all enjoyed this article, it took me a while, actually couple of hours to articulate this well and try to recall my gym session to get all this down and right. Please do exercise caution before undertaking any of these poses and make sure you do not have any health problems that could get worse by doing these. And most of all, love your body. It is your vehicle through this life. So take good care of it.

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  6. thanks for sharing these poses! I gotta try these at the gym today- I sit at my desk 8 hours per day so this post is very informative for me!

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    These yoga exercises really do help strengthen the lower back and can do wonders in the long run
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    Yoga rocks !!!

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  9. TheGirlAtFirstAvenue: thank you, dear. It is truly important, we don't realize until much later on.

    PopChampagne: I am glad you find it useful, I have been practising them every since the post and they are truly remarkable.

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  12. Nice post. i am having a troubled back post delivery (2 months back). Do you think this would benefit me too ???


  13. Hi Shalini

    First of all, my heartiest congratulations on your new phase of motherhood. It is truly a blessing to have a baby. My sister has gone through it ten months ago so I really know what it feels like. Also bravo for wanting to get back on track so soon and I would like to advice you the following, especially if you have gone through a normal delivery, you can slowly practise these asanas once you have completely recuperated but you must take things slow and important thing is to listen to your body.
    A back problem which is not going away after two months of delivery should be investigated by your doctor to rule out any causes, if there are no problems then you can talk to them about your new exercise regime, they will let you know if you need assisted physiotherapy to get you started to strengthen your back muscles. Then you can do all the workouts as above without fear of straining.Please do discuss the given exercises with a therapist first before starting out.
    It is important to regain the strength of your abdominal muscles post baby as strong abs help prevent lower back injury.
    If you have gone through a C-section, then i suggest you start with walking first. avoid other exercises initially. It will help to strengthen your core and then you can slowly build up to the other workouts.

  14. Hey I love this post! I do these exercises after workout! Everyone should take care of the body!


    1. You are so right, Megha. When you feel good, you look good too. It shows that you take care of yourself well, maybe you should do a post on your fitness regimes. take care
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