Unlike, the regular e-commerce portals - Limeroad is set apart by it's feature rich website. 
Products are not just confined to garments, they have a huge selection of furnishings, decor, accessories, bags, kitchenware, you name it....they have it. Almost!

I usually end up going very crazy over their Indian wear, the ethnic stuff is just brilliant with a variety of material to chose from. I have gone ga ga over their dupattas, stoles, bags, shoes and furnishing.

  • I also really love some of their brands like Zero Kataa for jewellery. I keep getting asked where I get some of my beautiful silver pieces from and, well, I'm letting the cat out of it's bag. hehe!!!

    Let's take a look at what I ordered from them this time, shall we?

    Four days after ordering, I received this package. I love the summery green packaging.
    I resist ripping it open like a crazy person and resort to elegantly slitting the sealed portion.


    The product is bubble wrapped well within the confines of the parcel. A sturdy cardboard box holds my esteemed piece of finery.

     I am actually really pleased with the sophisticated black cardboard box packaging by this brand.
    It makes it look like a really expensive gift housing some hidden treasure. And the piece is hidden treasure indeed, wait till you see it.

  • It's a beautifully crafted German Silver Necklace .I was looking for a short necklace and this was just love at first sight. I love how there is an eclectic mix of traditional versus modern all combined together into this piece.

    Isn't this exquisite!!
    The necklace is sturdy but not too heavy. It's really made well.
    I like the small silver beads that lace the edges at the top, the centre holds a pattern of repetitive hearts which have silver coins laced at the ends.

    German Silver Short Necklace
     I bet you want me to share the link for this product so that you could immediately place an order, don't you?

    short necklace design
    To sum it up, I really enjoyed receiving this product.
    The service was really fast, I had a couple of doubts to be addressed by the customer service people who were really very prompt, they answer questions quickly and get to the bottom of any issues adeptly. 
    Their return policy is very good. I have had the best experience with customer service on this particular online portal.
    The prices are great, they hold sales frequently and also if you are a regular shopper, they add LimeRoad (LR credits) to your account, so you can get massive deals on your favorites. 
    They hold these awesome social media contests, I haven't won any so far but I still love to participate and create looks/styles. There is a huge group of budding fashionistas and stylists on their team, competing with their looks is not so easy because some of them are celeb stylists too and the looks they create are out of this world!
    This particular product was for Rs.848, it is currently on a massive discount and costs Rs.499 with an additional shipping fee. Isn't a steal? You can check it out here 

    I have some more things to show you from my Limeroad hauls but I will save that for another post. You should really check out their jewellery and sometimes they go out of stock really soon. I had been eyeing a piece of earrings from the same brand for an entire year, it kept going out of stock. No prizes for guessing why, as you can see how lovely their work is.
    All in all, I highly recommend this site. What do you like shopping from this website, if you have shopped from them?  Any favorite sellers? Would love any recommendations.