The Jewellery Edition: Part 2

The Padmalakshmi Drop Earrings Rs.25,489
There was a wedding in the immediate family so I followed the elders to shop for the bride. How I wished I was the bride. It always happens when you see someone getting lovely pieces of jewellery. I don't wear 
that much but I would be lying through my teeth if I said I don't like jewellery. I love it!!
  Past few days during GOSF I was flicking through the pages on the net contemplating on the pieces and how to spend the hard earned dough.
  So many really pretty pieces caught my eye and then when a few of you readers requested yesterday for some good sites and pieces I immediately decided to pull out my bookmarks for you in this post. 
The Marina earrings Rs. 5,955
The Anne earrings Rs.14000
  I have to say I have seen some really lovely pieces at Bluestone I have personally never shopped from this brand and so can't endorse the standard and quality of the product. If you have and know much about this please do let me know in the comments below. What I liked though are some of the earrings and pendants.
These are the ones I currently have been checking out. Gold prices hit the roof this year but the jewellery store sales men informed me that the prices have dipped a little but I still found it too high.
Have a look at the pieces I found classy.
The Arian Earrings Rs.18,097
The Norah earrings Rs.9,000

These are in fashion now, you have the back part of the earring dangling quite as long as in the front. 
The Jennifer earrings RS.15,346

                 The Ethea earrings Rs. 6,693

The Themis Earrings Rs. 9,758



  1. I just loved the design of Anne and Norah earrings....Unique yet simple.... :) Thanx for the post!!

    1. They are really lovely, Abidha. Thank you for your comment :) <3

  2. Wow lovely pieces. Will try out Bluestone!

    1. Even I want to try it out but never experienced their services till now.