Urban Haat National Crafts Bazaar in Pilikula Part 1

 What I really love is to shop at handicraft bazaars and Urban Haats. You get such unique, customized and hand-made goods that you can never find anywhere in urban shopping jungles like a mall. Every place I visit, I try to find out about their artisans and special goods localized and made only in that area. I was in for a delight when I heard that the Pilikula authorities were organizing and planning on keeping the Urban Haat as a regular enterprise. I already love Pilikula for the variety of things they organize and do. I love visiting their medicinal garden. I make sure I go there every three months. Now with the crafts bazaar going to be introduced as a regular feature, I will make my visits even more regular.

Urban Haat National Crafts Bazaar in Pilikula

 The National Crafts Bazaar has been organized in Pilikula from March 25th to April 3rd in Dr.Shivarama Karantha pilikula Nisargadama. Various arts and craftsmen from diverse locations from all over India have come to showcase their craftsmanship. Entry is free to the public. I love visiting Urban Haat.
Craftsmen have been invited to display their wares and if you are an avid buyer of handiwork, I suggest you head there asap as I believe tomorrow is the last day.

Urban Haat pilikula
The crafts bazaar has been on for 10 days and it has been exhibiting a wide variety of goods made from terracotta, jute, metal, silver, toys from Channapattana, shells, bead craft which has been housed in little roofed/tiled blocks.
Terracotta wares at Urban Haat Pilikula

Urban Haat National Crafts Bazaar in Pilikula
Hand woven fabric bags
Bead jewellery of all shapes,colors and sizes
Beautiful toys from Channapatna

Adivasi special herbal oils and medicated concoctions.
Urban Haat National Crafts Bazaar in Pilikula
There is also a stall where Mr.Chiranjeevi shows us how he sculpts art on rice grains. It is quite interesting to see.

Amazing metal work at Pilikula
Then this particular stall had amazing metal work lamps, moorthis(sculptures) and the kind of figurines I have seen only inside temples. I figure they must be doing the work in those places. They were really fascinating and I spent quite some time observing the work and metal etching.
Giant Gold lamp at Urban Haat Pilikula
Urban Haat National Crafts Bazaar Pilikula 2016

This post shall continue with a part 2, watch out for it next. There are more pictures coming up.

Till then, happy reading :)



  1. amazing.. i love to visit such places. :)

    1. Thank you, Meghana. I love it too. It's exciting :)