Mysore Sandal's Rose Incense Sticks Review

Mysore Sandal's Rose Incense Sticks
Calm moments to one self in the early hours of the morning and the late evening when things slow down and you gather all your thoughts and energies.
It's a preparation for conclusion or start of a ritual like meditation and without burning some incense, it somehow does not feel complete for me.
My ritual of prayer is very simple, I clean my lamp, I light it and I pray/meditate. The conclusion of it all is when I burn incense. It's a silent marker that I have completed my day in the evening.
But most Indian incense sticks are very unrefined and loaded with chemicals. I have been searching for quite a while for some natural forms of incense but unable to find any yet.

In the search for natural incense sticks, I was led to buying this particular brand.
Mysore Sandal is a well understood brand in our country.
This box contains 20 sticks. 
They look like regular incense sticks and they are.
Before burning them they have a faint smell of rose but upon burning, it 
gives out a chemical odour mixed with rose. It does affect my nose and allergies so I will not
be able to use this for I am quite sensitive to this type of smell.
It is not terribly strong like most other brands but I am still not able to tolerate it. So I burn and leave it in my garden outdoors.

MRP Rs.16

I am still on to my search. For in a country like ours, how can we not have organic incense sticks. I have heard a whole lot about Shoyeido brand in Japan and hope they start sales out here. Atleast, I could try them out.

Shoud I resort to burning leaves instead? What do you do for natural incense? I would love to read your comments on this.



  1. Mysore Sandal is a known brand. But yeah strong smells can irritate if you are sensitive. I am currently using a brand called Viji and it's nice. It's an Indian brand but bought from here in UAE.

    1. Hi Naz, Viji sounds good. Will keep an eye out for it here. I am still sniffling and sneezing from the effects of using this today. *sigh*