Mangalore Wedding Fair 2015

Hello, Hello!!! Anyone looking to get married?

At T.M.A Pai Convention Centre
 No, I am not putting up any matrimonial ads or enquiries in here.
I chanced upon the Mangalore wedding fair 2015. It is the second edition and is taking place at the T.M.A Pai Conventre Centre.

Mangalore Wedding Fair 2015

The first one was a huge success and so we have it here in Mangalore for all of you brides and grooms. I would say it's for everyone though because I found they had a great collection of jewellery, fantastic pieces, daily wear sarees and wedding apparel.

Exquisite collection of wedding wear

 I think the variety was really rich and hence makes for a great one stop shop for all your wedding requirements especially apparel, jewellery and accessories.

I think this is a really pretty saree, What say?
 The vendors have come from all over India including Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Delhi, Rajkot, Karwar, Shimoga, Puttur, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Cochin.

Mangalore wedding fair 2015
 It is on for only two more days so what are you waiting for? Don't miss it.

Entry is free. Registration requires only your name and phone number.

Mangalore wedding fair 2015
 I had recently visited the Karavali Utsav. Ofcourse, I am not trying to draw a comparison but I just have to say how comfortable it felt to browse through these stalls and how much quality the consumer gets from entering something like this as opposed to the Karavali where you get hounded by the vendors and you end up paying so much money to look at crap. More venting on that post soon. I have not had the time to write about it yet plus that fest is on for another month or so. I had to write quickly about this because this is on for just two days and I don't want you to miss it in case you would like to visit.

Light Kanjeeravam's are sold here. Did you know about them?

At this Deepam stall, I saw some pretty light weight but fancy silk sarees that resembled Kanjeevaram. I asked them what it was and they explained it was light Kanjeevaram. I had no idea there were light Kanjeevaram's and they indeed looked very pretty and modern. I checked the price tag and most of it was about Rs.6500 but they were really so hard to resist.

There were prices ranging from Rs.800 to Rs.80,000. I truly feel the prices for wedding apparel have sky rocketed and most of us are left with wondering how something we could have afforded  a decade ago could shoot up to such alarming values. It left me a bit annoyed to be quite frank but that happens every time I shop for clothes.
mangalore wedding fair 2015

Some of the big brands showcasing their wares are Sri Ganesh Diamonds & Jewellery, Deepam silks, Varsidhi Bangalore, All Things Sunder from Mumbai, Meera Jewels, Mysore Saree Udyog, Panache, Vijayalakshmi Silks, Silk Route, Indian Attire and many more.

I will be heading out tomorrow to complete the series of this post with more pictures for you. I have an early day tomorrow so I will try to complete this post by Monday but I had to put it up right now so that you get to take your hinies to T.M.A Pai hall before this thing shuts down and you throw bricks at me for not telling you.

Here is Day 2 of pictures from this post. I had taken ill and was not able to put them up as fast as i wanted to. But here they are :)

Gorgeous Sarees from all over India
Mysore Saree Udyog had an amazing stall. This is the store my mom buys most of her sarees from when in bangalore. They also stocked a wide variety of gorgeous blouses. Now looking back at these pics, I regret that I didn't have the patience to pick up a pretty blouse from them.

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This was my most favorite stall of all. They had these amazing colorful bags. Another regret of why i I didn't pick anything up from here. I was not exactly in a shopping mood that day. Oh well, there's always next time. They'd come all the way from Mumbai meri jaan!

Just in case you were wondering where was all the bling, this is one store. They had several pieces that were gorgeous. At the entrance one of the main sponsors had set up their jewellery stall too. They were one of the main sponsors but i was not able to click a picture of what they had to offer.

I, particulary, liked this stall. They had a good variety of sarees in different materials and textures.

There were a lot of brides-to-be tagging along their forlorn hubbies and nit-picking some of the stall owners. It was a sight to see. They were fussing over the sarees or gowns and I noticed most of the shop keepers were extremely polite and would go to any extent to please the bride's tantrums. They were ready to do any amount of alteration, produce any color that was asked. I was stunned! Brides be spoilt much?

Tell me, where do you go for your wedding/fancy outfit shopping? Do you tailor your occasion wear or get them ready made?



  1. Hi Coral. Such a vibrant place. What u did not pick anything for yourself?

    1. Hi Riya, happy new year. i did pick something for myself the next day :)they had an awesome variety of Kancheepurams