Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Myntra Fast and Fashionable Sale Review

Good morning, Everyone!
How are you all doing today?
If you have not heard of the Myntra Fast and Fashionable Sale, I'm sure you have, you should go check it out. By the way, Myntra is app only now. Going by the advertising they have done and my previous post (if you read me), you should have come to know by now.

Even though I was thoroughly disappointed by the sale last time, I did not want to give up on Myntra. I have had better experiences with them when I shopped from their website, pre-app days, so it did not put me off. I had almost all the things I had wanted from the previous sale, stored in my wishlist. So I just checked back and added a few more things in my wishlist before this sale started.

Myntra Fast and Fashionable Sale. pic courtesy:
I was up all night studying for a Forensic Medicine exam which I am writing tomorrow. So, I was not really sure if I would wake up in time for the sale and like last time be added in queue. But I placed an alarm for 7:45am, just in case, I hate waiting in queues even virtually!

To my surprise, I woke up to hear the alarm ring. Miracles of the Heavens above. I can't believe I woke up. I must have badly wanted bottom wear. As I write this post, I have to tell you what I am feeling too. Not just as a blogger but also as a shopper. Have you noticed the ginormous price hike in clothes at stores and markets these days? It's crazy especially in a city like Mangalore where you do not have too many options to shop. You either find something at the store or you don't. And you are at the mercy of the shopkeeper if you are buying from the market, they don't put an mrp value on most things, they look at how you are dressed and quote a price. Most things are sold over-priced in the market. You tend to find more reasonable items at a mall. And when I say the mall is reasonable, I have got to be kidding you. Things are WAY overpriced in department stores at the mall too. But atleast, you know you can look at the price tag in a mall and don't get into an emotional fit taxying between whether the outfit is in your budget and the  harrowing pressure tactics by the sales person, 'Madam, you want this or not! Tell me fast, Madam. Madam, want or no, you can take only two seconds to think, Madam'.  Aaaargh!! You get the point, you are not allowed to think in a bustling market. Most times when you shop there, you are at the mercy of the shop keeper plus no price tags. You need to keep asking, 'Bhaiya, how much is this please?' And you can't ask a hundred times. So those are some good points about shopping online. You can see the price, size, fabric and atleast ten other parameters about the dress you are buying with the pleasure of seeing it on another individual. It's like 3D shopping

I am a very (add twenty more 'very's) difficult shopper. I take my time to think if I really need something. Prefer shopping alone too, it frustrates whoever comes with me that I go through twenty stores and come back home with nothing. I don't just buy things because they have a price drop or I just like the color. I need to feel the fabric, imagine how it will look on me, durability of material, comfort factor, easy wash, weight of item (when I  travel I prefer natural and more lighter fabrics), When I was younger I was not so fussy, I'd just buy anything that was heavily discounted and in bright, bubbly colors. Things have changed a whole lot and for the better (for the sight of the beholder). If I were the only person on this planet I'd wear neon, overtly jhatak and bad-ass, bright pops of color. I've been stopped so many times and told to dress in more easier on the eye shades (when I was younger)

Myntra Fast and Fashionable Sale. pic courtesy:

As you can see, there are a variety of brands that are on offer. Not everything on my wishlist was on sale. Just 4 or 5 items. I had 80 items on the list. I'd easily give anyone a heart attack if all of them were 50% off, if I bought them. Which is why user discretion is so important these days. Do I really need all 80 outfits?

Myntra Fast and Fashionable Sale. pic courtesy:

This time the app loaded with just one or two glitches. I had two gadgets with me, when in one the app would freeze or say Sorry, Blah Blah ...we can't load due to errors , then I would switch to the other and in that I could easily browse through. When that would freeze, I'd go back to my phone and browse. In that way, I was able to add clothes in my shopping cart. Yes, I had to use two gadgets to shop successfully, Myntra. It would have been nicer if that could be avoided during the next Sale. But I was very happy that there was no wait time or waiting in queue to get into your app to shop during this sale. That was my biggest frustration last time.

Myntra Shopping Bag

I had no problem adding the pieces I wanted to the shopping bag. I am a size XL currently and those sizes are the first to run out. That's one pet peeve, Myntra. You need to stock larger sizes as they run out really fast.
But the shopping bag, was a real breeze. Adding things to cart had no glitches and it was all in perfect working order.

Myntra Shopping Cart

I had already fed in my details, address etc earlier and just had to click on order. Immediately, a form is generated confirming your order, Vat added and total amount. I get cash on delivery in my location, so that was easy too. In a couple of minutes, I received an email stating the order and time it would take to receive it.

Finally, I have to add, even though I was a teeny bit stressed about whether I could grab some clothes, because I don't have any , I was really relieved once the order was executed and I got a confirmation mail. I am just taking deep breaths, telling my friends it's easy to shop this time, telling you guys how my experience was and I am going to eat my breakfast now. 

Total time I spent on the app was close to an hour.

Go ahead, if you like something get it. It's not that hard and it didn't crash on me. You might find it a favorable experience too.

I find it hard to get natural fabrics online. I wish they'd stock more cotton and linen shirts. I find it easier to buy more cotton shirts from abroad. You get so much variety. But here, it's a different story.

I have a question, where do you buy your cotton shirts from? 

ps- This is not a sponsored post. All the opinions expressed are from personal experience.
The pictures do not belong to me and were clicked for the post from Myntra app.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Patanjali Ojas Multani Mitti Soap review

Ojas Multani Mitti Soap

I couldn't wait to review this soap for you guys.
There used to be a time I used to frequent Patanjali pharmacy quite regularly but it's been a long time since I've been there and explored their range of products. They keep adding to their range and each time you get bewildered when you see so much more like biscuits, atta, syrups, detergents, just to name a few.
Most of the items are also out of stock. I had wanted to try their rose syrup in summer but whenever I went to buy it, it would not be in stock. So, I went ahead and purchased Haldiram's brand.

Back to the soap, come summer and anything and everything made of Multani Mitti is something that I would stock up on. But sadly, you don't see too many Multani Mitti products on the shelves these days. So when I saw that Patanjali had released their own soap, I had to grab it. They have many other varieties but this by far is my favorite.

Let me tell you the minute you open the packaging, you get this amazing jasmine fragrance waft out of the wrapper and when it touches water, the fragrance just builds up. It's so lovely. The soap in itself is a coarse brown bar, feels grainy to touch and so earthy. I love it.
Multani Mitti soap

It is a very basic bar that foams rather well and leaves the body feeling refreshed. You know that there are a lot more ingredients in here than just Multani mitti though.

The ingredients are Purified Borax, mentha piperita which is basically mint extract, Camphor extract, Ajwain sat, Turmeric, Sandalwood, Brahmi, Aloe vera, Licorice, Reetha, Neem, Manjisth, Tulsi, Bringraj, Jatamansi, Nutgrass, natural oil base, multani mitti and zinc oxide along with perfume. Like I mentioned the mogra fragrance is just divine and it scents your entire bath giving a deep relaxing feel.

Due to it's grainy texture, it gives you a mild exfoliation. You tend to imagine since it's multani mitti, it might leave some sort of residue behind but it does not. You are left with squeaky clean skin with a lovely, faint smell of mogra.

The soap does not melt away and remains quite firm, unlike creamy soaps like Dove. 

This is one soap that I would definitely keep re-purchasing but I generally forget to because you will not find it in conventional stores, you need to locate a Patanjali center and see if it's in stock before you can get your hands on it.

Overall, a lovely purchase and I highly recommend this. Stay fresh :)

MRP: Rs.35 for 75gm bar

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Biotique Bio Saffron Dew Review

Biotique Bio Saffron Dew
I am reviewing yet another Biotique product on the blog today. I was unable to review any product over the past few weeks due to ill health. It did not stop me from trying out new stuff though. The trials continue in all kinds of phases of health. I have so many products left to try and review. Let's start with this one for now. I have used it over a month and a little more, I am down to the last drop and just discarded it. I feel it is the right time to let you know my thoughts on the same.

It is a rather heavy moisturizer, it feels lighter, almost whipped consistency in your fingers but on my combination-oily skin and in the summer, this felt very heavy on my skin. One needs to use very, very little in order to moisturize the whole face. It is supposed to contain saffron(yes, you can very well smell this), almond and pistachio oils. It is also supposed to contain turmeric and wild turmeric extracts. I was not able to smell turmeric in this product. 

This does help fine lines to a certain extent but does not do much for deeper wrinkles.

Biotique Bio Saffron review

I would have found it easier to use in a colder climate as it just does not sit well on my face in humid, Mangalore weather. It just forms an oil slick on your face and does not exactly absorb well into the skin. I usually have to wash it off after a while of wearing it. It's much lighter than their coconut skin moisturizer but I feel just the same about both these products, that the consistency could feel lighter and not clog up all your pores in one go.

I will not be purchasing this again. I did not find it help my acne marks.

I am eyeing their pistachio or red sandal pack next, but I am not sure. Let me finish up the rest of my stock and explore.

Till my next review, I hope you all are in good health. Summer's suddenly turned to monsoons and many of you may feel under the weather. Just take good care of your health during this weather transition and start preparing for wetter climes. I am just trying to finish up all my washing and drying at the moment, before fungus starts to strike everything that's clean and green. Out with the halogen bulbs! And hoping we get some sun from time to time. Would definitely help with drying up our laundry. 

Cheers to the rain and another month of heave ho!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

My experience of shopping on Myntra app today

Good morning everyone!

pic courtesy, I don't own this image.

I thought I would like to share my experience on shopping on Myntra app today morning, I know that most of you are struggling with the app sale at this very moment. Those of you have gotten through your cart and proceeded to check out, High-five yourselves because you were the lucky ones.

I had picked up quite a few things and added to my wishlist over the past few days. I found their app really cool but I was also very sad that they have stopped their e-commerce page on the net.
And let me tell you, I have shopped with them earlier and had amazing experiences. But that was not the case today. I woke up at 7 am and checked my wishlist, everything seemed fine and under control. By 8 am, they had promptly opened up their app store for the ongoing sale.

I browsed through some of the brands. I needed new gym shoes and gym pants. I clicked on Nike and was happy to see they had good stock of what I wanted, I proceeded to put them in my cart. But I experienced trouble there. Then on started the glitches, while trying to register the product into my cart, it kept saying, 'Sorry, error of some sort.' it took a lot of clicking to get the item into the bag. Once it was in the cart, it was showing the wrong size. So I had to go back again to the product and click on the size, after some three to four tries, it happened to move into the cart. Hallelujah! Then the app booted me out saying that there were too many customers online so I had to wait my turn. 20 minutes!!!!! I was getting hungry. It was already 10am by then. I wished I could atleast see my cart and proceed to check out but that option was not available. Crisis!!! Hungry woman getting a migraine and wanting gym shoes. GRRRrrrrrrrrAAAAAARrrrgh.

So I saw that I was being timed in line and I had 15 minutes before I could get on again to shop, so I quickly went for a shower, when I came out I was still at 15 minutes. In another two minutes, the waiting time showed 20 minutes again. Oh MY Freaking Gawwwwd!!!

I thought forget it, let me just go and eat. So i prepared breakfast at 11:30am!!! Had it and went back to the app. This time I had to wait another fifteen minutes before it opened up and I went directly to my cart. All the items I had placed in there had changed back to the original price. The glitches kept cycling faster and the impatient guru that I am thought- What the heck is going on? By then I had had enough of the sale and I closed my app. I decided I would wait out till they fixed their glitches for the next sale. So FRUSTRATING, Myntra! Especially when I had actually found good items in your site this time. Booohoooo!!!

I really hope they fix their glitches and deals with the sellers before they venture out to ruin our mornings. Kind of reminded me of the fox that thought the grapes were too sour. They were truly too sour this morning. Bye Bye Mint Nike shoes, Bye Bye gorgeous check shirt, Bye Bye Nike track pants, Bye Bye pretty pink T-shirts. :(

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Gap Blue No. 655 Eau de Toilette for Her Review

Gap Blue No. 655 Eau de Toilette for Her 
It is definitely after a 'gap' that I've been publishing on the blog (no pun intended).
I had to take a break not just from the blog but also from the monotony of my daily routine.
There was this feeling of wanting to break free and run. And so I did. I packed the bare minimum and got away as I fast I could before minds were changed. There was no planning, there was no making lists, just pure basic fun of traveling and getting away. I've returned with added enthusiasm and a zest for doing what I always do.

I've always needed a perfume in summer as it tends to get really hot and muggy out here in Mangalore. The humidity is so..what's the word....UGGGH! And I have to work for long, hard and painful hours which leaves me a mess. A stinky mess, I would like to avoid saying but hey! Well, that's what it is. And so the summer perfumes come out of my collection which when it comes to scents is very minimal. I have maybe 2 or 3 which includes essential oils because I do not favor the strong smells that the eau de toilettes impart. It gives me migraines that make me want to shower and get the smell off of me or from the person who is standing next to me wreaking of it.

This was definitely a gift from a very special person. I wouldn't have chosen it for myself. But after a few tries, I beg to differ. It's definitely what I reach out for currently.

They have a version for the boys, too, of the same perfume and I have not tried that out.
It comes in very clean and basic packaging, all white which is something that I really like.

On un-boxing, you get this beautiful crisp bottle. Simplistic in design and very basic. Just like the way I like my perfume bottles. I don't like fancy, freakish designs with girly bows, glitter and odd shapes.
This perfume was launched in 1997. It is a very green and floral fragrance.

It is sort of citrus smelling, musky and fresh all in one go when you just spray it on.
The fragrance has mandarin, orange, green leaves, cyclamen and bergamot in it.
It is not too heady or strong. As the day wears, it starts getting milder and for me, more pleasant.
Very casual, summery and easy going scent.
I've heard that it is a little hard to find so I am not sure if it has been discontinued as some of my friends who used to use it earlier have had a tough time getting it.

I quite like it for the day time and can easily find myself finishing it off this summer itself.
Not too sure if I would re-purchase it though as I would still go for something milder. Yup, that's my nose.

There will be more reviews in store. Slowly but surely. I just love to write and I can never grow tired of blogging. It's really a wonderful passion and I have connected to so many of you lovely people out there. It's liberating. So until my next review, stay fresh and keep the comments and mails coming. I love to hear from all of you <3

Monday, April 27, 2015

My mechanism of surviving as a highly sensitive person- So far

Protecting yourself requires a certain set of skills. When you are born, you have your parents take care of you, nurture you, shelter you and nurse your wounds. Some of your close family may also shield you as you start growing up, say your sisters, brothers, uncles and friends.
As time passes on, if you have been brought up living in a shell, a highly protected one with security radars that are switched on 24 hours, you tend not to understand certain kinds of people and situations. The ones that call others names, degrade or try to run people down and such.
Slowly as you are released to the world, your outer shell giving away, it may certainly give you a positive jerk. Before you can get a foot hold of the ground, you will find yourself hurtled through galaxies of experiences far away from what you thought was home and no earth to support you.
By then it's usually way too late for the shell to cover you up again. Too much damage too soon. Resuscitation services yielding nothing.That's kind of what my situation was. And sometimes, still is. Though I think I have gone through a lot, I still know that I have much more to learn.
I used to keep telling my colleagues that when I was a child, I had nerves made of steel, I could not cry and I would not even if something was hurtful. Inside my shell, there were hurtful things happen to me too but the harm came from only the inside, never from the external world. But now that I have passed through years of torment, exposure and the external environment, as have you all, it's safe to say that I am eternally wounded.

With no coping skills or incapable comprehension levels, what was a 17 year old to do at the time.

Nothing much, I'd say. Just moved on from one experience to the next. But my visual memory of those teen years was particularly exceptional, almost par with photographic memory. So hurt and abuse would just stay impacted in my visual memory field for a very long time to come. Eventually, even more experiences positive and negative would overlap and take over the visual images of the previous ones.

As time passed, accumulation just dealt a severe blow to the immune system and one day, I collapsed. Physically, not even emotionally. I found myself in the emergency ward of a hospital and blacked out with regular intervals of time.
The doctors quickly scanned my X-rays and passed a diagnosis that was absurd to me, I'd never been that ill in my life.

Six months later, I had started to recover. Till then I was bed-ridden with a mind full of doubts. There was even one night, that I even thought that I was dying because I was unable to breathe. It was such a scary experience. And only I could help myself, if there was any way to be helped. I just did the only thing I could do. Deep breaths in and out, very slowly. It gave me time to think. It also broke me completely from the inside. Only because I was in bed with nothing else to do or create overlaps of the painful experiences I had till then. Everything kept repeating in my head.

Slowly, I started to become emotionally vulnerable, the tears that never appeared before made a guest appearance. More often than I needed it to be.
I am talking about something that happened a very long time ago. This is just a sequence of events that's leading to the living, breathing person that I am today.

After recovery, I started to search. Not for doctors or hospitals. But for meaning to life.
If you keep searching, they said you will reach some form of understanding. It's been many more years after and what I have learnt so far is the more you search, the more you dig a tunnel. It seems to be a blind tunnel because it's so dark and so expansive. Sometimes there are moments of light. But it's so easy to lose the light. People come in and make you stray far away from the path with their own experiences. I've learnt following someone else will not take me where I need to go. The path is always different.

Finally, after all of this what has helped me survive is acceptance. Not defeat, just acceptance helps you to overcome pain, hurt, losing love and also finding how beautiful life really is. A new day.
My mechanism of taking care of my sensitive nature now is to stay away from loud noises, loud people ,which also lead to removing childhood friends who were extremely nasty(even meant severing a 28 year old friendship), doing what I think I am capable of doing, pushing my limits to do somethings I think I can do, trying to eat natural food and getting a good night of sleep.

The thing about people you love is that sometimes they can get aggressive, they lose it, they sling mud all over you, they kick you and they throw you out of their lives forever. These are the ones that you need to be careful about because they are already in your heart. I have learnt that lesson the hard way. But life is very interesting and I have received so much love from strangers :) God bless their souls.

 I have my my own shell now. I do not need anyone else to support it or take care of it. I experience what I need to experience and I have started to build my own survival mechanism. I am happy, I work hard and I live a very good life. I feel taken care of. There is no recipe for survival as a highly sensitive person. You need to take care of your diet, your surroundings, check what's required and what's not, delete, re-use, get rid of the clutter and just get some rest. Also, a very important lesson, if there is one thing you get to take away from this post- No one can make you do anything YOU do not want to do.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo Review

Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo Review

This was the shampoo I was using for the past two months. I was attracted to it because the products said paraban-free. I didn't think twice as not many shampoo options are available at that price point in today's market.
And it was also a long time since I was testing out a Sunsilk Shampoo and Conditioner range. I am currently using another conditioner from the same brand and it's almost over, I will be reviewing it very shortly. It's a product I love but can't find here in India. Stay tuned for that post too.
Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo
Strong and Abundant are the two other words that caught my eye.
The packaging is pretty sleek and I like the light sea green bottle. They match with the interior of my bath. :)
This shampoo comes infused with ginseng root and oil. I used up all of the shampoo and was surprised it got over so quickly too. Not that there is any less of it, I just think I used up more of it as it lathers less. I just need a good ol' lather to keep me thinking that my scalp is being stripped off completely. ;)
The product is a pale sea-green, shimmery, lotion-like consistency. Not too thin, just right.
I really love the smell, it's very fruity and fresh.
Even though it does not lather all that much, it does give you a green, clean feel.
I already have full, thick and heavy hair so I did not find any difference in terms of fullness of hair. Hair fall seems to be just about the same as I normally have. So I don't know how much it would help you from preventing baldness.

The good thing is that it kept my hair moisturized because now I am using another shampoo and boy have I got to tell you how dry it has become now. This shampoo did well on terms of keeping my hair moisturized.

The does contain SLS and silicone. More green and organic shampoos for us next time, Sunsilk?

MRP Rs.64/80ml and Rs.132/180ml