Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Coffee mug

The thing about sipping at some of that precious and deeply comforting mug of dark gold, in the wee hours of the morning and, in my case, the wee hours of the night too, is that it gets you through the day. It's almost like a subtle form of meditation. To me, it certainly is. My mind goes into draft mode where I'm just thinking about making the perfect cup of coffee. I take it black. Deep, deep meditation and sole focus on how many teaspoons I add, to how many pots of boiling water and the amount of sugar I felt like having that day. Or on some days, I don't even need any.

However, what I do need now, I decide is a new mug.

 A new feeling to caress each morning. I find myself browsing the stores, feeling the feel of them in my hands and imagining how it would feel with the warm liquid in it and I keep looking. There is just one mug that I like so far among about sixty odd kinds I've looked at so far. Some are too round, too small, too big, too thick, too heavy. What is the right kind?

Saw these on flipkart. I adore the 'Happiness is' series. They have very comical, light-hearted and heartwarming mugs. I have also seen them in Home centre, attached to Lifestyle stores at the mall. I felt the designs were also better there.

Now, this is my kinda mug :)

For those that fancy a wooden mug. This one is from too

Not a coffee mug but it's so cute!!!

I've seen these at Spar in their mug section. They are also available on I like the one with the cow on it. Say, "Moo!"

Available on flipkart. Fancy a cute tiger on your mug?

There are those days when all you need is a glass. This mug serves well for those see-through kind of days.

The above design is from Crate and Barrel, they ship to India. So is the design below.
Now, this is my kinda mug. I like that it's pristine white and just right. A little floral design like a lotus or something very simple would have been great but this is what I am looking for.
So, at the end of the day. I am still looking for lovely mugs. There are a wide selection to choose from. I have spotted good ones on the cafecoffee day website, on the Chumbak website (they have such amazing and quirky designs!!), and few others. My hunt goes on but this is something I love looking out for.

Where do you get your coffee mugs from? Do you enjoy shopping around for them like I do?

And on that note, this is my first post of this year. I have been traveling, taken ill and finally back home recuperating. Nothing major and already on the road to recovery. On a great note, Happy New Year 2016 all of you and Stay Blessed. Keep reading and thank you for the love you always share.
Watch out for more!

Lots of Love
Coral Crue

Monday, November 16, 2015

Bausch and Lomb Biotrue Rewetting drops review : A boon for us bloggers and otherwise

Biotrue Rewetting drops
This is a product that has really helped my eyes from the very first use. I've tried a couple of drops in the market that were good but not quite as wonderful as this one from Bausch and Lomb. Dryeye sufferers, Ahoy!

Most of us spend all our lives  online! Starting from infants to elderly, everyone's looking down grimly into their phones, ipads and almost a huge fraction of us spend our careers and free time staring into the screen of a gadget. Some of us stare for hours into it without blinking. Imagine the kind of damage we, ourselves, are inflicting on to one of the most important structures of our body! Do you do eye exercises daily like blinking them at regular intervals? I think not. We all know how simple eye exercises us but we just don't do it.

The other day my mom called me complaining of dry eyes and that they were itching. I told her about this particular drop and she was really impressed. Her itching stopped instantly and she told me that her eyes felt more fresh after using them.

biotrue rewetting drops
Imagine the effect dryness has upon our eyes. In the olden days, my grandmother used to say that all she needed was a drop of pure, organic castor oil and that would take care of all her eye problems. If you go to a naturopathy centre, you most likely would have observed that for eye treatment, they squeeze the fresh juice out of some green leaves and apply it to the patient's eyes. Mostly they sting and burn but they also maintain the tone of the eye muscles.

After my mom's complaint of dry eyes, the very next day I experienced the same. But I also experienced a dull aching pain in the left eye.
I remembered the drops and they were nearby, I just reached for them and within an hour I felt major relief from the pain. The dryness was reduced instantly within minutes.
   Let's have a look at what's so special about this eye product from Bausch and Lomb.

bausch and lomb biotrue rewetting drops
Product Guide

Biotrue Rewetting Drops have been designed to instantly soothe and hydrate dry eyes caused by myriad factors.

Contains sodium hyaluronate in the form of 0.24% hyaluronic acid, which is a natural tear lubricant.
It can be safely used by soft and hard contact lens wearers.

Supplied in an innovative, preservative free, multi use bottle.

Once opened, you have to use it in 6 months.


The product is stored in a 10ml container which is housed in a packaging of a soft  hue
of green and blue giving a feel of something more natural contained inside.


I have been using this for a month now and I have to say it really is one of the best rewetting drops.

As soon as I use it my eyes feel refreshed. It's soothing.

I have not felt the slightest irritation, it feels like the tear drops in my eyes since the product contains hyaluron, which is naturally found in the structures of the healthy human eye and the tear film, it causes no irritation.

Well tolerated and feels safe.

Reduces itching sensation if any.

I love it!

It is a sure re-purchase. I have not found anything in the market here that can outperform it....yet.

Biotrue rewetting drops
 How to use?

After ensuring your hands are clean, release the protective cap from the tip of the bottle and set aside.
Do not touch the tip of the bottle to ensure sterility of the product.
Place your thumb on the blue thumb support as shown in the picture below.

How you hold the bottle prior to application
 Prime the bottle first before using it the first time, ie pump the support a few times till the first drop is released. It took me about 7 pumps to release the first drop. I didn't use that drop.

Subsequently, pump again to release drop into the eye.
Baush and lomb biotrue

Baush and lomb biotrue
 Product information

 Bausch and Lomb Biotrue Rewetting drops

MRP: £9.99

Weight: 10ml

Available here

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dentyl Active Icy Mint Enamel Restore Mouth Wash Review

My parents, especially my father, had always inculcated great oral hygiene from the time we were young. My father would sit me up and teach me how to use a tongue cleaner, use floss, a mouthwash and always brush before we girls went to bed. He was very pretty observant about our dental care routine and would cluck his tongue if we had to go to the dentist for a filling.
So much so that once when I was about 4, I think I was playing with a ballpoint pen and somehow, I managed to get all the blue ink into my mouth. He was chatting with his friend who had come for a visit and suddenly he saw my blue smile. "Dada, I'm blue da ba dee da ba die daba dee da baa!!!"
 He got up like he was set on fire, scooped me up and off we both  flew to the sink where he vigorously tried to brush out my mouth full of ink. I was delighted and surprised to see all the blue drain out while dangling in his arms and watching his concentrated effort from the mirror in front of us. ha! ha! Good ol' days.
 I think he would be one of those people who would be really fascinated by the product that I am reviewing right now.

I always purchase a mouth wash. The most difficult point of having to use one is that it always stings.
But this one! It does not. It passes all the tests and works it's way up to being an addition in my mouth care regimen. Read on to understand why.

Dentyl Active Icy Mint Enamel Restore Mouth wash review
Product Guide

Dentyl Active Icy Mint Mouth Wash is a bi-phasic product that can reduce plaque levels by 25% after brushing. It contains Cetylpyridinium (CPC) proven to kill 99.9% of oral bacteria.
It's alcohol free formula does not sting or dry out the mouth.

It has to be shaken to activate the water-based antibacterial phase with the natural essential oils and CPC to create a dynamic cationic solution.

The debris and bacteria are visible in the sink on rinsing showing you immediate results.

Dentyl active has the same pH as saliva.

Helps strenghten tooth enamel by restoring lost minerals.
Protects against acid erosion.
Makes tooth enamel more resistant to acid attack.

Dentyl Active Icy Mint Enamel Restore Mouth wash

The mouth wash comes in a very easy to grasp bottle which is made from plastic.
The bottle is transparent as with other mouth washes. Not only does it show you the quantity left over after each use but also shows off the brilliant colored bi-phasic fluid inside.
The violet and icy blue is such a gorgeous color. I, believe, the color alone will make me want  to purchase this product over and over again.
The product has a twist open cap which is sturdy and closes back tight.


Dentyl Active Icy Mint Enamel Restore Mouth wash
                                On shaking vigorously, you get a single solution that is a lovely lavender color.
You then proceed to rinse with a cap of this for thirty seconds. When you spit out the contents, you will be surprised to see the remaining food particles lodged in your oral cavity, come out stained in a brilliant purple color. Initially, I did not notice this but later I observed the food particles and was shocked.

The best thing about this product is that it does NOT sting unlike all the other brands available in the market. I have tried all of them. You name it, they all have alcohol in them and they really sting.
To avoid the discomfort caused by the other brands, I used to dilute them in water and use.
With Dentyl Active, I've forgotten the need to mix it water because it is very comfortable and safe to use.

 Hence, this product can be used even in children as young as 7 years of age.
It has a refreshing Icy mint flavor.
I enjoy watching the brilliant blue color mix with the purple to become one hue.
I can't imagine going back to the old mouth washes that used to sting the inside of my cheeks after
using this.
Over all, it's a wonderful product and I would highly recommend you try this out.
I have yet to notice re-mineralisation of the tooth enamel but then again, I have not even gone through an entire bottle yet. With time, I would be able to report any changes to you.

Have you tried this out? What brand of mouth wash do you prefer to use?
Let me know in the comments below.

Rating: 4.7 / 5

Available here

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Mangalore Wedding Fair 2015

Hello, Hello!!! Anyone looking to get married?

At T.M.A Pai Convention Centre
 No, I am not putting up any matrimonial ads or enquiries in here.
I chanced upon the Mangalore wedding fair 2015. It is the second edition and is taking place at the T.M.A Pai Conventre Centre.

Mangalore Wedding Fair 2015

The first one was a huge success and so we have it here in Mangalore for all of you brides and grooms. I would say it's for everyone though because I found they had a great collection of jewellery, fantastic pieces, daily wear sarees and wedding apparel.

Exquisite collection of wedding wear

 I think the variety was really rich and hence makes for a great one stop shop for all your wedding requirements especially apparel, jewellery and accessories.

I think this is a really pretty saree, What say?
 The vendors have come from all over India including Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Delhi, Rajkot, Karwar, Shimoga, Puttur, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Cochin.

Mangalore wedding fair 2015
 It is on for only two more days so what are you waiting for? Don't miss it.

Entry is free. Registration requires only your name and phone number.

Mangalore wedding fair 2015
 I had recently visited the Karavali Utsav. Ofcourse, I am not trying to draw a comparison but I just have to say how comfortable it felt to browse through these stalls and how much quality the consumer gets from entering something like this as opposed to the Karavali where you get hounded by the vendors and you end up paying so much money to look at crap. More venting on that post soon. I have not had the time to write about it yet plus that fest is on for another month or so. I had to write quickly about this because this is on for just two days and I don't want you to miss it in case you would like to visit.

Light Kanjeeravam's are sold here. Did you know about them?

At this Deepam stall, I saw some pretty light weight but fancy silk sarees that resembled Kanjeevaram. I asked them what it was and they explained it was light Kanjeevaram. I had no idea there were light Kanjeevaram's and they indeed looked very pretty and modern. I checked the price tag and most of it was about Rs.6500 but they were really so hard to resist.

There were prices ranging from Rs.800 to Rs.80,000. I truly feel the prices for wedding apparel have sky rocketed and most of us are left with wondering how something we could have afforded  a decade ago could shoot up to such alarming values. It left me a bit annoyed to be quite frank but that happens every time I shop for clothes.
mangalore wedding fair 2015

Some of the big brands showcasing their wares are Sri Ganesh Diamonds & Jewellery, Deepam silks, Varsidhi Bangalore, All Things Sunder from Mumbai, Meera Jewels, Mysore Saree Udyog, Panache, Vijayalakshmi Silks, Silk Route, Indian Attire and many more.

I will be heading out tomorrow to complete the series of this post with more pictures for you. I have an early day tomorrow so I will try to complete this post by Monday but I had to put it up right now so that you get to take your hinies to T.M.A Pai hall before this thing shuts down and you throw bricks at me for not telling you.

Here is Day 2 of pictures from this post. I had taken ill and was not able to put them up as fast as i wanted to. But here they are :)

Gorgeous Sarees from all over India
Mysore Saree Udyog had an amazing stall. This is the store my mom buys most of her sarees from when in bangalore. They also stocked a wide variety of gorgeous blouses. Now looking back at these pics, I regret that I didn't have the patience to pick up a pretty blouse from them.

Add caption
This was my most favorite stall of all. They had these amazing colorful bags. Another regret of why i I didn't pick anything up from here. I was not exactly in a shopping mood that day. Oh well, there's always next time. They'd come all the way from Mumbai meri jaan!

Just in case you were wondering where was all the bling, this is one store. They had several pieces that were gorgeous. At the entrance one of the main sponsors had set up their jewellery stall too. They were one of the main sponsors but i was not able to click a picture of what they had to offer.

I, particulary, liked this stall. They had a good variety of sarees in different materials and textures.

There were a lot of brides-to-be tagging along their forlorn hubbies and nit-picking some of the stall owners. It was a sight to see. They were fussing over the sarees or gowns and I noticed most of the shop keepers were extremely polite and would go to any extent to please the bride's tantrums. They were ready to do any amount of alteration, produce any color that was asked. I was stunned! Brides be spoilt much?

Tell me, where do you go for your wedding/fancy outfit shopping? Do you tailor your occasion wear or get them ready made?

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Bisleri Urzza review

Bisleri Urzza Review by Coral Crue
Last two weeks have been exhausting for me. The travel did not help either.
Normally, I bounce back in no time but there has been added stress and lack of exercise which have
been pulling the system down. That's when I spotted this bottle of Urzza and was so tempted to try it out.
I would totally be against energy drinks but the very fact that it said Liquid charger and gave all kinds of promises made me want to try it out. I told myself that I wouldn't take it unless absolutely necessary and that need of the hour arose sooner than anticipated.

Bisleri Urzza Review by Coral Crue
The drink unlike it's famous variants is supposed to be completely caffeine-free and fortified with vitamins.
The beverage is targeted to be used by youth. It is available in 300ml bottles, pictured above, and 250ml cans.
The can costs Rs.50, the bottle I purchased cost me Rs.35.

It's a golden-yellow colored fluid. I could have described it in a very apt way, if great minds think alike but I am not going to have you picture my words each time you swig it, so golden-yellow it is.

It tastes fine. It's not the best tasting energy drink I've had but there's no lack of enjoyment while consuming it. It's easy to drink. I had it in phases and not all in one gulp. You need to be careful about the things you put in your system, especially when it comes to unfamiliar territory.

I waited a bit and when I felt more tired, I finished it all up. I have to say I kept waiting through the morning, noon and then some classes I had to attend. I felt non energized. No Energizer bunny running around. I waited a little more. Then I started to naturally get tired. But I did feel more exhausted than normal. A mild head heaviness. No, I was not imagining it. I had difficulty concentrating more than normal. But no energy at all.

I know people who favor this drink and use it solely for the energy boost it gives but it did absolutely nothing for me. Maybe, made me more tired. I have already mentioned I was going through extremes of stress this week, perhaps you can consider that and then test it out for yourself. It just did not work for me.I know that my system will not want me to pick it up again. Am pretty sure I won't reach for it when I am at the store next.

Have you tried Bisleri Urzza? What are your thoughts? I would love to hear about any other energy drinks you have had that have helped you without any side effects.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Garnier Fairness Innovation White Complete Range #7DayGarnierChallenge review

Hello Sailors! Howdy Doody y'all!

Today I am here with Garnier's biggest online sampling #7dayGarnier Challenge drive, that helps to enforces all their users to try out their range- The SPEED WHITE. Here are my thoughts about the same.
Garnier Speed White range
The products from the Speed White range include the White Complete Multi Action Fairness Cream and White Complete Fairness Face Wash.

Garnier Speed White Fairness Cream and White Complete Fairness Face Wash
This range claims to provide instant glowing skin, protect the skin from the sun and prolong the glow over a period of time when you use the products in combination.

Garnier White Complete Multi Action fairness cream

Garnier White Complete Multi Action fairness cream
I was to have started this review two weeks ago but due to some unforeseen travel and an emergency, I am reviewing it this week. I will complete my 7 day challenge tomorrow but I would like to start my review and will continue updates after a month of finishing the product. For now, here is what I have felt.

The cream is enclosed in a sweet little light-weight cream pot. You can easily travel with it and just slip it in your handbag or travel gear too.
I have to admit this is not the first time that I am trying either product. When Garnier had launched the products, I had not yet started blogging, years ago. At the time, I had discontinued use as it just felt like a highly marketed whitening cream with great packaging.
This claims to be the new and improved version.
The cream is white, has the pleasant signature garnier fragrance which I quite like.
The formulation is luscious and quite thick. I have combination-oily skin type.
It takes a little while to settle in to my skin but not the way it used to earlier sit on top.
It instantly gives a whitened effect which I do not like.
But that settles down after twenty minutes or so.
For humid climates and my skin type, I feel a little angst when I can feel the cream on my skin.
I hope to see in future formulations that it just seamlessly evaporates...into my skin, ofcourse ;)
Dry skin types will love this formulation over the earlier ones.
When I started to use it, one of my aunts immediately asked me why I looked tanned while I was expecting her to say just the opposite.
I was a bit shocked because I felt I had in fact started to look less dull.
But she has seen me today over the course of the week and commented on the change in skin tone and that I was not looking as dull as the first day of use. She doesn't know that I am testing this new cream out, anyway. Also, I can't figure out the unexplained dullness when I just started to test it out.
Maybe lack of water, stress, travel could have all added to it.

Garnier White Complete Multi Action fairness cream
Overall, the cream has evened my skin tone by one shade. It's been close to 7 days of use.
But that's about it. It has also added some moisture and enhanced the glow a teeny bit. I will
be able to give a clearer picture within the course of the month. Stay tuned for the updates.

Garnier White Complete Multi Action fairness face wash

Garnier White Complete fairness facewash review
I have used this face wash earlier too. Many of my friends and colleagues still use this as their face wash.
I find the face wash very creamy. It will suit dry skin types. 
It has the same subtle fragrance as the cream.
It does a good job of cleaning up the skin but I feel it does not leave it squeaky clean.
I do feel a very light layer of cream or film deposits on the top layer of the facial skin. 
I have checked for Spf in the face wash to ascertain if that's why I feel that way but
could not find the same.
It does it's job as a face wash but I would like a non creamier version of the same :)
I don't think I have noticed a perceivable difference in skin tone with using this face wash.

Garnier White Complete fairness facewash review
Below are the list of ingredients that you can take a look at, to see if it will suit your skin.

Add caption
Here is a swatch of the creamy face wash. Am sure most of you have already tried this product :)

Add caption
The best part about these two products, I have to add, is that they have not broken me out at all. That is a big achievement on it's own for me.

Now comes the fun part for you all.
Take part in the #7daygarnierchallenge by registering for your free sample right here 
Go to this page, log in your details along with how you heard about the challenge from us, and share your experiences here with me at the end of the 7 day challenge. Let me know what you feel about the products. Is it a Yay or Nay for you :)

Honest opinions will be highly appreciated as we are all taking the challenge together. 
Please add your skin type in the comment section along with your comment, if possible.