VI-JOHN Skin Fairness Cream with Saffron Review

It's finally raining here! Much needed respite from the harsh summer. I can say it wasn't too bad this year. Hope there's no more summer for now :)

Coming to one of the latest skin care products I tried out, VI-JOHN Skin fairness cream, yet another fairness cream, in the market. It was extremely reasonably priced and knowing my curiosity I had to pick it up and test it out so that I could decide if it's a hit or miss.

Let's get on with the review, shall we? :)

The packaging is really pretty for something that's quite cheap, I mean the outside. And the colours are really nice and soothing to the eye.
They have used ingredients such as the pure essence of Saffron and extracts of Mulberry both of which are well known for their skin-lightening properties.

The company says: Regular use makes your skin tone fair and even. It gives a soft healthy glow to your skin.
Now that's for us to test out, isn't it?

Before I came upon this product, I had never heard about it. After purchase, I looked the company up online and they do have a website but I could not find this product in their skin care range. Apparently Bipasha Basu has endorsed some other skin care line product of theirs. Impressive! Really?

It's advised on the packaging to use the product twice a day. Says that it's dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types.

Coming to the tub they furbish us with inside the packaging, I would say it's rather cheap. Well, what should I expect when I shell out only Rs.25. It's a decent sized tub too with quite a bit of product inside.
As soon as I open it up, I am quite disappointed by just seeing the texture even before feeling it. It looks just like any other fairness cream on the market( read Fair and Lovely etc etc) especially the texture, Fair and Lovely used to have many years ago.
It's very shiny and greasy to touch. It has that sheen to it and is absolutely not for oily, greasy-skin beauties. Oh, heck, I don't think it would suit most people anyway.
The consistency is very thick and very rich(greasy). It's a pale pink colour. It has the faint smell of something strong, just not saffron because I use saffron in my cooking and it's a completely different strong smell. It does not get absorbed into the skin easily or at all, in my case. It just stuck out of my skin and I just didn't want to keep it on my face.
 I do not advice this for your face, there are far better creams out there in the market that can do this job well.

Also, now I use it on my feet but there has been no improvement in skin tone or texture. It's just not something I would see myself getting again. This one's definitely a miss for me.

Hole in my wallet- Rs.25( didn't hurt)



  1. Yeah...its finally raining here.good review

    1. thanks, Ray. Today was some respite from both the heat and rain. hehe :)

  2. Ewwww.... once i tried Fair n Lovely n hated dat creamy or whatever texture. It doesnt get absorb in skin, my dry skin felt so oily which is like yucksssss...

    1. Vanu, best to stay away from this one too. I am going to try out some natural remedies to even out my skin tone. Quite fed up with these tall claims. :)

  3. Well atleast its not a big hole in the pocket...thanks for sharing the review.
    Love your blog, following it! xoxo

    1. Lipjunkie101, I like your blog and am following too. Thanks for the encouragement xoxox :)) And yes, I am glad it's not a big hole especially when it's such a bad product.

  4. HI

  5. Hey I am from Hyderabad. Someone had given me this product and i have used this product for 1 year and it is really great. My stock is over now and I am unable to get it anywhere here. Could someone direct me as to where I can get it. Would be great if I could get the Hyderabad Address or if I can get it online.

  6. Hey I am from Hyderabad .. could someone please let me know where I can get this cream. I have used it before and found it great. It was given to me by someone and i have searched for it in Hyderabad in vain :(. If not available in Hyderabad ....kinldy let me know if i can get it online.

  7. @Kalpana, wow! you like this? nice. Hmmm I do not about where in Hyderabad, I could get it for you but it might take a really long time and I can't confirm when is my next trip to Kerala, the one I bought is lying without use. can't even find it now lol If you can wait few months, I'll see if anyone going to Kerala can get it for you but it would cost more because of courier charges and for me, it's not worth it but if you really want, I can give a try but am not giving any guarantee.I have to find it myself.

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