Hiatus and getting back to working out again

Hi, Everyone!

Am truly sorry about being unable to update my blog but let's not get into that, shall we?
I had stopped working out but this is my challenge to myself for this year to regain my strength and stamina come what may. Most people at the gym keep asking me, including the trainer, about how many kilos I have lost. Besides the fact, that I have lost none but, in turn, seem to be gaining a kilo per week, I am least bothered because every time I see my endurance levels are picking up from nought, I just pat myself on the back.
Even though my stamina is improving, I am not extremely happy about my progress as after every training session, I pretty much die. As in, I have no energy left. At all! But let's chug along and see where this leads.
So, this week, I hope to tweak my diet and start myself on sprouts and fruits. Let's see how that goes. If it doesn't help with the flagging energy levels then I shall read up on more nutrition in depth. So that's how this week is going to go. I saw myself work every day of the week this week and I didn't realize that I had not missed a day. I went everyday because I felt a bit lonely and I did not want to be alone. Going to the gym, felt good. Mostly because I could say 'Hi' to my trainers, smile at the lady who cleans all the equipment religiously and say 'Bye' as I left. No expectations, no arguments from people who think they are better off than you, no judgemental or jealous crap from friends; - just exchange few emotions, sweat, feel free, be nice and happy.

I shall be putting up more reviews and hopefully more stuff on fitness and gaining stamina. I hope you all are doing great and about to have a great weekend. Love you all  :)



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    1. Thank you,Ray. Have a nice day.
      That rhymes :))))

  2. Will be eagerly waiting for ur reviews :)
    welcome back

  3. I am joining gym for the first time in my life..next week..any tips :)
    m on the chubby side :p :p a bit unsure what to expect :)

    1. Oh! I have lots of tips. I am mailing you and we can brainstorm all your doubts. I am chubby too :)) Don't worry, just do it. I can talk to your through the process, you will do just fine :)