Elizabeth Arden Shine Pops Lip Gloss Pink Pop Review

I like Elizabeth Arden very much. This lip gloss was sent to me by a friend. I have not seen them here so availability in India might be an issue.

This particular shade "Pink Pop" looks electric pink in the tube but comes on quite sheer on the lips leaving behind not much of a rosy tint amidst quite a bit of shimmer but it does not look that scary bright as in the tube. If you build it up, it will not come to the colour you see on the tube at all. It's really very sheer on the lips. If you have pigmented lips it just may not show at all except for the shine.

The applicator is slant so it allows easy applying of the product, there is no wastage as you can control the amount you want by squeezing just the right amount. It's hygienic and so easy to slip into your purse for emergency touch ups.

It tastes fruity, not too strong.
This one even though it is expensive, it's sticky and nasty in that sense. I don't like that about most lip glosses.
                                                          swatch without flash

It's definitely high on shine. Lasts three hours.

                                         swatch with  flash
                 this is how the swatch appears when spread out. it's sheer on my palms so it appears more sheer on my lips as they are slightly pigmented.

Hole in your wallet- Rs.647                   



  1. Three hours is a great staying time :D But price.. he he :P My pocket money is not enough
    Nice Review CC :D Have a great day!

    1. It stays on well but it's too expensive. Even my pocket money is not enough hehe thanks, Lancy. you have a gorgeous day too.

  2. Ooops doesn't live upto its cost though its a Lovely shade :)

    1. it does not, Shalini. It is a pretty shade and the tube is pretty long so it will last me a while.

  3. Las op Pinkpop dat er nog vijf namen bekend gemaakt gaan worden :)!!

  4. Wow.. I just love the shade :)

  5. The shade is lovely <3 Great review!!!

  6. Such a pretty shade...!! ^_^
    Namita <3

  7. Like this color! But I find gloss very sticky :(


  8. its a pretty pink bt yes, quite expensive too

    U hv 32 followers now :D