Lakme Sun Expert Skin Lightening + De-tan After Sun Face Wash Review

I remember getting this product as a prize in a give-away. I've gotten really lucky at those. Forgot to use it for a long time and it was lying in my stash of to-use products for a long time. Finally, got down to using it in the Dubai heat. The summers are really harsh there and I am glad I took this along so I could put it to the real test.

The product is supposed to be a soothing face wash that effectively cleanses from pores to leave a tingling fresh and clean feeling skin.

It contains cucumber and lemon grass extracts known to soothe and clarify skin.
You can't miss the product, it comes in a bright, almost-canary yellow tube with a flip cap. It's hard to open
this flip cap when you are in the shower. Not too hard, but still hard.
It's a clear, thick, face wash with scrub particles.
You need a very tiny amount as it will lead to a lot of lather if you use a little more than bead sized.
It smells citrusy, nice!
It strips the face of any oil and leaves it squeaky clean but there is something to this that I can't put my finger on, it's very chemical-y.
It leaves you skin feeling cool so it's nice to use on a very hot and sweaty day.
I wouldn't use this if I were prone to dry skin so it's a nod ahead for those with oily skin.
It does nothing to de-tan your skin. So that's not going to help at all.
I had superbly pigmented skin due to the sunshine out there and it does not help one bit in that aspect
but it will give you clean skin.
Does nothing to lighten the skin so there, it's just a regular face wash with tall and false claims.
Not recommended for sensitive skin.

Priced at Rs.145 for 100gm.



  1. i liked it a lot for the coolness it gives to my skin.

    1. Hi Megha! :) Yes, it definitely gives that refreshing, cool feel.

  2. nice review! too bad i have sensitive skin!

    1. Hi, Shifa. Yes it's best not to use this then.

  3. Very nice review, Coral!. I became a bit excited reading "De-tan". However, what a bummer that it doesn't really live upto it's claims... But I sure do like the sound of the cooling sensation..

    1. Thanks, Naz. The cooling sensation was well worth trying it for but I wouldn't buy it again at all.