No Marks Face Wash 25+ Review

I bought this face wash from Saibeen complex in Mangalore. There is an old supermarket there by the name of Joofry's which is quite popular among the old mangalore crowd. It's quite well stocked and I like to visit the place once in a month.
While on one such visit, I came across some variants of No Marks Face Wash. I had used their anti-acne creams before and had also tried their soap but this was new. So I had to get it for myself. I bought this blue one, a green one and a yellow coloured tube of the same brand.
Here I shall review the 25+ which is indicative of the age group that they have made this face wash for.
It claims superior cleansing with sun protection. I did not find the cleansing up to the mark with this one, it did not leave my face squeaky clean. It also had a chemical smell, almost medicinal perhaps. I was not very happy with that and will not be purchasing this again because I kept worrying if it would do some damage to my skin. I did not see any damage with use nor did I have any breakouts or problems upon using this product.
It does not lighten your skin tone as per claims.
I like all the ingredients that they have listed out such as carrot, lemon, wheat germ and aloe vera. But what is that awful chemical smell? No, it is not the camphor that is included in the product, I just can't put a finger on it.
It's not a remarkable product and I can easily skip it.
I felt a layer form on my face after each wash, maybe it had something to do with the sun protection factor which may have been added to this wash.
The product is gel based with tiny blue beads which you can see in the photograph. The beads are not harsh at all.
The one great thing about this product is that it comes in travel sizes, it's so easy to slip into your pocket or purse and carry it around, so thumbs up to that feature. I wish every other face wash brand in the market would consider manufacturing travel size or pocket sized face washes so we could carry our favourite products with us to office, travel or wherever we have to be.
The travel variant will cost you Rs.10 per tube and 75ml of product will burn a hole of Rs.60