LACTO CALAMINE Skinsurance Moisturiser for Dry to Normal Skin Review

Hi everyone!
Today I am going to review the Skinsurance range by Lacto Calamine. I have heard so much about the healing properties of Calamine and recommend Calamine lotiong to patients too but I personally bought myself this product just this year. Read on to see if I found it good.

The Skinsurance comes in three variants. One is the classic variant, second for oily skin and third for Dry to Normal and I am reviewing the latter today. Though I have bought myself the oily skinned one too which I will try out next and I feel that might suit me better in Mangalore weather. It's been so hot here off late. What's up with the weather, people?

         The product is based on Light Kaolin, Aloe Vera, Zinc oxide, Castor oil and preservatives.
It is a slightly pink tinged lotion. It is not as thick as a cream, you dot it all over you face and blend it in as you do a foundation. I like wearing it at night too, I do not wake up to a greasy face when I use this. It feels just right.
   The product has not broken me out, I have been suggested to use this as a tinted moisturizer but I am sorry, I can't use it like that. It does not sit well with my complexion, it makes me look pasted and i definitely feel like I have something on my skin when I use this even though it blends in to the skin well, it does not completely leave it. You absolutely know that it's on your face, like pasted on. Also, always remember to shake the bottle before use.

I would not re-purchase this as I will be trying the other variant which I feel is more suited to my skin type but for dry skin beauties this definitely should be given a shot.

Hole in your pocket - Rs.72 for 120ml.
It's a product by Piramal Healthcare.



  1. Hie :) just subbed in to your blog ..
    I too use lacto calamine but the regular one and it has suited me very well..

    keep up the good work honey :)

  2. Hi, Namita. So sweet. thank you :)
    I tried the second variant and really like it, myself. thanks for dropping in a comment.