Health, Beauty and Hospitality Expo Mangalore

While checking out the paper today I saw an ad about the expo on products and services, cosmetics, wellness, hospitality, Kitchenware, fitness and Beauty Parlour products.
 I thought awesome and packed my wallet with a stash of green and hopped along with my camera to get pictures for you guys.
It was held at the TMA Pai Convention Centre, Mangalore. It's a beautiful Convention Hall which holds ceremonies, conferences and exhibitions. They even have facilities to host other big events like marriages. It's a beautiful building and located centrally.

Exhibition is for only 3 days, tomorrow being the last.

Timings are from 10am to 8pm.
I wondered why it closes so early but got to know when I arrived at the venue.

Did you guys check out the moon today?? It was awesome, Lunar eclipse!! It got over by 9:30pm.
There is no entry fee. As soon as you enter, you are asked to sign the visitor's register with your name, mobile number and email id. I did so.

I was curious to see all the stalls but was a bit disappointed to note that there were few stalls and mostly they were not all well stocked, there were fewer cosmetic and beauty counters.

One stall sold Jovees products ranging from face washes, skin lotions, creams etc but I did not recognize most of the other products.

A local beauty parlour had put up their stall, they just had pictures of the looks they create and services they render. It was good to know anyway.
There were stalls selling insurance stuff and electronics like air coolers and portable air conditioners. I liked the Sharp portable ac. neat, huh? 29,000Rs. gulp! hehe

Win Sports had their sports equipment on sale- treadmill, cycles etc on sale. Some uncles and aunties were busy running on them like they had come to the gym. Fun to watch. lol

There were more fitness stalls than anything else, there was one stall selling Yoga books. I took their brochure to go through since they offer yoga classes as well. I haven't been able to find a good yoga instructor in mangalore yet. So let's keep fingers crossed there.

Jewelry for the ladies but most traditional wear, no fashion jewelry.

This stall below caught my interest but I didn't require anything from here- mostly beauty tools and some more unheard of cosmetic face creams.They even sold fake adorned hair which you can probably spot on the extreme right of the pic if you look hard.

So that was my Saturday. I picked my niece and nephew up right after and we went out to dinner at Pentagon's Royal Touch restaurant which still serves good food but is so deserted and depressing to eat there. Time they re-vamped the entire place for a fresh new look.
Oooh! I also spotted Mainland China which is coming up soon at the Inland Galore complex by the Kankanady bypass. So that's really something to really look forward to. Authentic Chinese cuisine. Hao ming will still be close to my heart since it's been there even before I arrived in Mangalore.*sigh* I like their Thai Crunchy Chicken and the Chinese Chop Suey.Yum Yum.

I hope you all are having a lovely Saturday.



  1. I was born in Mangalore!!! It's amazing to see how much the city has grown since!!!

  2. Wow, that's really nice. Oh! it's growing at such a fast pace, Suhani!! Everytime I go away and come back, there are nice little changes. It's a growing city. Will try to do more features related to Mangalore. I have covered the Kadri Arts festival which took place on sunday. will put up a post on it next month.

  3. Sure... go for it! Will look forward to it!!!