Yardley English Rose Perfumed Talc Review

Hi there!

It has been a hard few days. A really good friend of mine called me up after a very long time and said she needed help. Her mother was not well and we ran some tests and it's turned out to be cancer. She loves her mom a lot and it's a painful process having to deal with the disease, getting used to it and then having to think about the best treatment options. I am glad I am able to help them out, helping someone is the only thing one can do which gives real meaning to life. It's hard but you have to do it without thinking about it. I hope I can continue rendering them useful support in some form or the other. I don't know if I am doing right or wrong but I pray that it helps them in whatever little way possible.

The biggest thing you can offer someone is support and hope. Even in the face or harsh realities, you have to learn to smile and be together. After all that is being human.

Getting back to my review, while I was at the hospital with them, I had to stay overnight, I took along my newly bought Yardley English Rose Perfumed Talc along.
In a hospital, you get attuned to mostly sterile smells and the longer you stay there, the more you want to be reminded of the comfort of home, the outside world, normalcy and people. This helped them alot. Aunty loves the smell of roses and is an avid gardener, so she was very fond of my Yardley Tin and pampered herself with it whenever she wanted to feel good.
I agree.
It's a very mild rose smell , very soft and very feminine. It's not for people who like strong perfumes.
The smell stays with you for quite a while and then you get a faint hint of it even after several hours of wear. It wears for 5-6 hours for sure.

The ingredients as you can see above are not as potent as a deodorant. My family prefers using less chemical based products as possible so they discourage me from buying deodorants. Instead I get perfumed talcs and this is a good option.

Go for it!
Hole in your pocket:- Rs.100 for 200g. 
I have seen smaller cans for their other variants like jasmine but not yet spotted a smaller can of the same, wish they had one, would love to carry it around in my purse. :)



  1. my prayers with her :)
    she will be well soon :)

  2. thank you so much, Namita. Bless you.
    We are hopeful :)