Lotus WHITEGLOW Skin Whitening and Brightening Micro-Emulsion SPF 25 Review

Yes, Yes! I went shopping and have been eyeing this product for a very long time indeed. Finally I got my hands on it and it was on offer, 25% off at New U which had recently opened up at the City Centre Mall, Mangalore. I skipped, hopped and jumped all the way to the Lotus Herbals counter and knew very well what my eyes were set on. I always make sure that I check the manufacture and expiry date of a product first, then my eyes rove on to the ingredients list and if all is fine, then kachink! goes the cashier :)

    I did not wait too long to get home and open the packaging, which  is done very smartly by the way. It looks like a really expensive cream and is bottled nicely. The packagin is impressive, it looks classy and sleek. The cream in itself, ok, I can't call it a cream, they call it micro-emulsion, it does get absorbed very easily into the skin. I have a combination skin type. Neither too dry nor too oily. But I am not too prone to dry skin on the face as I live in a humid area, my facial skin always tends towards being oily if i do not wash it atleast once a day. Most night creams feel greasy and I feel like washing my face every few hours. This one blended into my skin in no time, I barely needed a single pump of the product to cover my entire face. And I was done. I woke up to good skin. Everytime I use it I wake up to good skin. Not bad, huh :)
No break outs, no mess. Just refreshed and glowing skin.
It will not remove your tan in an instant. I have been using this for over three weeks and it has become my HG cream for now.
I will be buying this again for sure.Here are pictures of what is written on the label regarding how to use it and how it works.

Here we have the ingredients as stated by the company

Hole in your pocketRs.245 but the hole is worth it.
Do try this one out. It is available on offer from time to time and those are good times to stock it up.