Lakme Radiance Compact Review

Good day, Ladies :)
Today I am reviewing Lakme Radiance Compact. I was in Chennai last month and had been to the Lifestyle outlet at one of their huge malls. I had ventured into Westside first as they had a bigger cosmetic array with many local brands but I had to literally run away. Why? As you enter Westside, before you can even check in your bags, you are hounded by all the cosmetic counter assistants screeching at the top of their lungs to get your attention,"Mam! Would you like to try Colorbar lipstick? Madam!!! Would you like to try out latest Streetwear shade? MAAAAAM! Please come here, I will show you beautiful white skin from Lakme. Mam! Lotus has launched........" My intention was to go check out the Lotus lippies but just seeing these hair pulling sales assistants, made me just walk right out the store and I pretended like I had stumbled in there by mistake. How frigthening and unprofessional. They looked like they had been let loose by the jungle squad. aieeee! I prefer the Westside at the City Centre mall here in Mangalore. Though they don't boast of so many gorgeous brands, they don't tear your hair when you try to look at something remotely cosmetic-related. Phew! I am so glad I got out of there alive.

Long story short, never venture there unless you are adept at shopping in a cosmetic jungle with hyenas and baboons. I can't remember the name of the mall, it's the biggest that Chennai's a gorgeous mall but just this store put me off totally. Never again! I think it's called Express Avenue mall....yep, that is it. If at all I want to go there again, I would cautiously put one foot in and then only the next, just to see if the screeching starts.

    Finally, as I made my way out, I entered Life Style which seemed remarkably more tame. I headed to the Lakme counter. There I wanted to get the Perfect Radiance Compact Powder that retails for Rs.150 that everyone's gushing about. But the sales girl there said it was all sold out but there was this other one that was equally good. I doubted her. Me and my luck with cosmetics out here...sheesh! I asked her a couple of questions on why this one was priced lower and if it was any good. She gave me complete assurance that this was a great shade match for me, that the only difference between the two compacts was that the former had sun protection factor and this did not, so it was cheaper. I really wanted a compact and she tried it on me, I liked it. It did not give a cakey finish. She used a foundation brush to apply it. It was a nice smooth, matte look and took away the shine from my T-zone.
When I went to pay the bill, I noticed this sly Lakme girl quickly wipe the tester she tried on me and wipe the compact's mirror and pack it up. I went over fuming as it was with the day's toil and ordered her to not sell a  tester she has tested on countless other customers to a paying customer. How mean! What is with these weird sales ladies? Are they not trained in decency, what ever happened to being polite and trustworthy? Geez!
I was still not sure if this compact was good after all the drama of the day. I came back home and have used it on several occasions and really liked it. It wears for two hours and after that the T-zone does get oily and needs touch ups or blotting paper. Otherwise it's a good product. I am not a fan of the Maybelline compact as it makes my skin cakey and once in a while I break into a rash when I use it. This did not have any problems in that sense.
I did not think that Natural Pearl would go well with my skin tone, I tend to tan but it just disappeared into my skin. So yaay for me! It says what it does. The only thing I don't like is the puff, it's so ordinary use-and-throw kinds.
Hole in your pocket: Rs.99 for 9g

It's affordable and good, easy to carry in the wallet and for on the go touch ups.




  1. :) I used to have it some time back,,it really works very well..
    n yaa,,those sale ladies are the same everywhere,,its their job,, but yes a bit calm n polite won't harm them :)

  2. hi, Namita :) I was not happy when I bought it at first considering the hullabulla before buying but once I started using it, i was pleased :) Glad you liked it too. I wish the companies would train their sales people. It puts me off.

  3. and these ladies I mentioned, they were not even standing at their counters, they came out of their way in a line at the entrance of the store, it was hilarious

  4. great review and i hate these sly make up counter sales women who cheat like that lol. I just got myself a maybelline whitestay UV compact in nude for myself just yesterday ^_^.

  5. thanks, crazypoplock. I hope they have improved the formulation of the whitestay compact as I had got it when they had first launched it in the market few years back.Enjoy your purchase and have a great day :)

  6. i think its the one of the most sold compacts in india..... nice review...

  7. thanks, Ani. I had no idea but am glad I got it.

  8. i know how it is here in chennai! last weekend when i went shopping, the SAs were hounding me with products. Its best to ignore them. Some of them were too busy doing their makeup. I hate it when they try to sell a tester. What do they think of themselves? you should have complained to the manager.. and the SAs at these counters have no idea about the product they are selling. when the SAs arent polite it doesnt matter how good the product is people wont buy. In that way online shopping is a relief.

  9. You are right, Deepika. I should have complained. I definitely will the next time because this needs to be curbed. Never thought about who I could complain to and stuff. So this practice of selling a tester is common then. hmmm I must have a word with some of these companies then. Online shopping is a real relief, seriously. And due to the swatches and reviews available on most blogs, it's pretty close to almost knowing what a colour looks and feels like.yaaay for that hihi.