Vaseline Lip Care for soft pink lips review

Good evening :)

The post for today is a review of one of my all time staple lip balms. It's a non-fussy, non-tinted, no-frills lip product which provides adequate moisturization to my lips and is non-sticky. It is colorless as you can see from the pictures and keeps my lips soft for over four hours easily.
It does not give you soft lip pinks as the product claims. If you have extremely pigmented lips, it cannot be lightened using this product over a long period of time but if your lips are pigmented due to lack of moisture - drinks lots of water, avoid dry atmospheric conditions and using this lip balm to moisturize will suffice to heal your lips and get it back to your normal lip tone. If you were born with brown lips, they are not going to go pink. That is what I am trying to say :)
The product comes with a warning at the back that you must not use this on children below three years of age. I suspect that must have something to do with the ingredients which are not listed out at the back. As you can see, the label does not have an ingredient list.
It is easy to carry since it's a small tube it will fit in any purse or pocket.
Since it comes in a tube form you can control the amount of product you squeeze and there is no issue of contamination of product which you would be worried about if it came in a little pot as most cute lip balms do. So hygiene issues are out of the question.

Hole in your pocket: Rs.20 per unit



  1. i love this one,,its simple and works perfectly :)

  2. Namita, I have been looking for it's rose pink variant. heard it's even better and gives great moisturization. i am talking about the one that comes in a tin but it's not going to be launched in India *sigh*