Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Skin Care Cream Review

Hi Everyone! Today I thought of reviewing something which is a staple in my vanity since the past two years.
I discovered this beauty when it was sent to me by the managing team at Himalaya Herbals. I have used a lot of nourishing creams for my skin, though it has similar properties to many, this one did a lot of magic for my skin. It truly is extremely re-hydrating and refreshing as it's claims.     
Product Description

 A gentle blend of herbal extracts that restores skin vitality. Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Skin Cream is a light and non-greasy daily use cream, that provides you all day moisturizing, nourishment and protection. Enriched with Aloe Vera, which nourishes and moisturizes, Winter Cherry and Indian Kino Tree extracts, protect your skin from pollution and dry weather.

It is indicated for all skin types and used for skin nourishment throughout the day. Massage it gently all over the body.

Ingredients are:
Aloe vera, a popular and widely used moisturizer which nourishes the skin
Pterocarpus marsupim, also known as Indian Kino tree.
Withania Somnifera or the Winter Cherry for protection against pollution and dry weather conditions.

My experience with the product:

I have used Pond's nourishing cream earlier and wasn't satisfied with what it did for my skin besides leaving it very greasy. Especially overnight, it would not get absorbed and would leave me uncomfortable till I removed it the next day with water. This cream is really, really thick but it gets absorbed into the skin overnight and leaves you waking up to really nourished and younger looking skin in the morning. I kid you not! I really love this product for the miracles it's done to my skin. It has eased up fine wrinkles on my feet too.There are days when I neglect my skin and then I have to pick this up to ease out all the damage. It does a wonderful job at that.

It has a very subtle and soothing fragrance which I quite like. I use it all over the body and when my face is feeling exceptionally dry, I take some product and lightly dab it on to my skin.
It takes care of that stretchy feeling and leaves the skin manageable  and comforted. It has never broken me out.

I use it on my feet too at night, initially it feels like the cream is not going to sink in but eventually and surely, it does and your skin is able to breathe again .This cream is very thick, mind you, and it still gets absorbed in a while.

My tub is over and I am not able to purchase this online as it's always out of stock. Which means I need to get myself to the store asap!

Hole in my wallet- Rs.160 for 150ml (by the way it is Out of Stock online at the moment)

It can be purchased online here
It just goes to show how popular this product truly is. 



  1. fabulous review... this product surely looks like worth trying... :)

  2. @Amina, thank you :) It is really good for very dry skin especially.

  3. This cream is really very nice and refreshing it dont contain any oily contain in cream and very nice review.
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  4. I love this cream. This cream is very nice smooth in texture ,,it moisturize the face and give very nice result.
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  5. I use this cream daily and I don’t have complain I am using this from last 2 year…it is non oily and very good cream.
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  6. Those with this skin type may be faced with problems of dull complexion, enlarged pores, excessive oil, blackheads, and pimples, moist types of eczema and water retention.
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  7. thanks ! for nice sharing this post. herbal skin care product helps lighten skin and rid the dark spots and blemishes, to give your skin a brighter complexion by inhibiting melanin synthesis.

    1. Sure, this product doesn't have any ingredient that inhibits melanin though. It helps in nourishing the dermis. Thank you for checking my post and leaving a comment.