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I am a teeth cleaning freak, am very particular about my teeth being perfect because we need them for the rest of our lives to chew the lovely food that nourishes our bodies which ultimately are our vehicle of transport to everything and everywhere. So we really need to take care of our dental hygiene. My father has always tried to instill the importance of maintaining good teeth and he has lovely teeth. I don't. So that's the whole point of this review. It is to create awareness of taking care of our mouth. He also taught me to use a tongue cleaner always which I know many people don't use. It's important guys.

I am not very fond of the mouthwashes in India as most of them are very strong and have a high content of alcohol in them which causes so much stinging that you find it so hard to swish it around your mouth for even a minute.


Why Choose Colgate Plax Mouthwash?
  • 12 hour protection against GERMS
  • Gives long lasting FRESH BREATH
  • Provides upto 67% HEALTHIER GUMS
  • Contains fluoride to help PREVENT CAVITIES
  • Significantly reduces PLAQUE
  • Clinically tests by dentists
  • Stronger gums

Colgate Plax Mouthwash improves your oral hygiene by fighting germs and plaque, while fighting bad breath and reducing the incidence of gingivitis

Anyone who wants to take care of their mouth, smell fresh and have added protection besides brushing their teeth. THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN UNDER 6. KEEP AWAY FROM THEIR REACH 


Use Colgate Plax twice a day for a healthier, fresher mouth
Fill cap to the line (20ml). Rinse mouth thoroughly for 30 seconds, then spit out. 
Do not swallow.
Do not dilute



Until I found the Green tea version of the same product, I bought this a lot and used it every time a bottle got over, I re-purchased this same variant. I found it so useful when my friend's mom was admitted with cancer surgery at the hospital. There were times when we had to just wake up at odd hours and not have time to brush our teeth, I'd give her this bottle quietly and she would give me a faint smile. It was our way of taking care of each other in those days. We bonded over my mouthwash too. Yeah, I know it might sound weird to you but this really helped us so much. I had bought the travel size to use then.
It's a brilliant blue colour, reminds me of the ocean lol

It stings as it has ethyl alcohol in it.

I did dilute it though it says not to but I had to.

It was my HG Mouth wash here in India but now that it's newer variant has come along, I am not going to re-purchase this one ever again, I am totally loving the new one which I will review very soon. I JUST LOVE THAT ONE!!

It cleans my mouth really well and keeps my breath smelling fresh for hours.

I don't worry about germ build up when I use a mouth wash in conjunction to brushing my pearlies.

I feel it's better not to use mouthwashes with alcohol in them. They just do not feel right.

Hole in my wallet: Rs 95 for  250ml.
                                Rs 50 for 125ml                                Rs 30 for 50ml



  1. I got the Green tea version too. But havent started using it yet. I also use mouthwashes regularly Coral

    1. Of all the mouthwashes, I have used, Ray, I love the Green Tea. It's really nice. :)

  2. wen dentists give me mouthwashes for treatment, i crib like a kid :p bt reading ur review im feeling tempted

    1. Your dentists give you mouthwashes, lucky! mine never does hehe use it, kid :))

  3. Nice review girl :) :) I have a new pack of listerine kept in my washroom cabinet,,will use it today :D :D

    Keep up the good work :)

    1. Thanks, girl! Listerine burns my mouth. Hope they make it less stinging :)

  4. wow... this is one fine review... was thinking of shifting to this mouth wash... your review surely is very helpful... thanks..

    1. Amina, don't buy this one, there is a better one out now, i have not yet reviewed it. same brand- Colgate Plax Fresh tea mouth wash, it's very nice. do buy that one instead. I love that and going to purchase my second bottle now.