Garnier Anti Dark Circles Tinted Eye Roll-On Swatches of Fair Shade With Review

                                                           Garnier Anti Dark Circles Tinted Eye Roll-On  

Happy Sunday, Everyone!

This review was written two weeks back but I was having alot of trouble updating my pictures from Picasa to Google Plus and then realizing that my phone didn't have the latest IOS 5 so I couldn't transfer my photos through the phone to my blog without Google Plus and rrrrrgh! It was driving me crazy. I just could not do it. It drained me away trying to figure out how to. As a temporary fix, I somehow managed to get these pictures to the computer and here is my post finally!

This is the first concealer of any kind that I have purchased. The reason that attracted me the most to just spot pick it was the cover photo. It showed dark circles just the way I have and the product erasing/masking it away. It hit a really raw nerve. It was an economical buy and it promised a lot as I have noticed under-eye circles from late nights and a lot of stress in the past couple of years with studies. I knew I had to work on getting rid of these circles and this product promised both treatment and concealing, so I had to just get it.
I have been using this for the past five months so this post is worth it's salt and it is my take about the product.

Product claims

Garnier creates Caffine anti-dark Circles. It is our first roll-on massage which combines a caring formula with natural ingredients and a long lasting tinted concealer as effective as make-up. The formula, along with the massaging ball, offers a complete solution to tired eyes and dark circles and bags.

Tinted eye cream in a roll-on pen for easy application featuring naturally-derived ingredients to take care of your skin. To fight dark circles and bags, Garnier specially selected caffeine known for its stimulating action and lemon extract known for its clarifying properties.
                                                        Swatch of 'Fair'shade without Flash.
Best For

Double toning on dark circles and eye- bags. It offers
Insant coverage: Concentrated in mineral pigments. Long lasting camouflage for dark circles and bags through its subtle shade which complements the skin tone.
Reduces the look of fatigue: Enriched with caffine, known for its stimulating action, and lemon extract, known for its clarifying properties; the hydrating formula with roll-on massage reduces the appearance of fatigue. The formula also contains a UV filter to help protect the eye contour in the sun.

                                                     Swatch of 'Fair'shade with Flash.

Note- It clearly has a yellow undertone

How to use

In a light circular motion, roll the applicator via the roller ball onto areas you want to conceal.If necessary use your fingertips to spread evenly.
Apply twice a day in the morning and evening or as required.

I have come across 2 shades only:
Fair and Medium

It is a concealer + under eye cream/gel rolled in one. Although the information about this online mentions that it is available in 4 shades but all the stores I went to had just two shades. 
                              Line of demarcation at inner edge of my hand showing that it's not my shade but lighter

                                                        Visible white cast without flash

Till very recently I thought I had purchased 'Medium skin' tone and I was wondering why it wasn't blending well and sitting pretty under my eyes. It just would not blend in to suit my skin. I just happened to read the 'Fair' in the pictures that I was posting here and went and double checked and guess what!! I can't believe I purchased 'Fair'. The SA told me it would suit my skin tone and for some reason I thought she was giving me 'Medium'. Gosh, am such a dud. 
Note to myself- Always double check even after the SA's seal the packet and give it to you post purchase. Make sure you have got the right product, goof ball!!

                                                        Visible cast with flash too!
Light- has yellow undertone to it.
Medium - pink undertones to it.

Both the colors are targeted more towards those with fair-er complexion. Also, it is mentioned that you must use it twice a day , once in evening and one in morning. Okay, morning I can understand but evening? I mean who sleeps with concealer on at night? Both the shades give light to medium coverage on me and the shades are such that they may looks ashy on a lot of people especially for those who have my king of skin tone.

I am still on the edge of liking it too much . It needs more shades in India.
It's light, runny but not too liquidy in texture and so it will not glide off your skin. It dries to matte, stays put and won't come off at all. So absolutely great staying power which I really, really like.
Everything's great except that both shades don't match my undereye area :(
They should launch way more shades for this product to click.
You cannot carry this around with you because if you just tip it and it's not kept straight, lots of product comes off onto the ball and cap and creates a real mess, waste of product. I have a picture of that for you below.
It settles into my fine lines enhancing them and won't flatter me in close-up and HD pictures. Scary thought!
It doesn't make my under eye skin taut or tight; so much for the claims of caffeine in it.

Th feel of the metal ball is divine but I can't use it too much because so much product comes off with each roll. Wish there was a click-and-lock mechanism so I could keep rolling. Asking much?


I had left this in my purse for a few days and when I opened it all the product had spilled out all over the roller ball and into the cap. Lot of product wasted. Just look at the mess.

As you can see, I have tried blending it out in many ways using several techniques but you really know that it's not my under-eye skin tone and it appears terrible in pictures making me look sort of older than I am. That's my only regret. Other than the shade match not being right, I think they should introduce a couple more shades in this product and then it's a win-win all the way.

I am waiting for the product to get over with excitement so I can use the empty case for it's steel rubber mall to massage in my eye creams at night. won't that be FUN!!! :)))))
But this product is going to last me all year even with daily use. There is quite a bit packed in there.

Hole in my wallet: Rs 199 for 15 ml.

♥ it 



  1. It looks like a decent product... concealer plus anti-dark circle in 199 . . .whats more can we ask for . . .but i too think it might not go with my under eye colour too :(

    1. HI doc, it is a decent product, just the bad being the shade doesn't match :(

  2. A good deal with price but the shades could be an issue. Will go check in stores to see if they have all 4 shades.

    1. do go see if you can find the other two shades. it is a good deal indeed.

  3. Nice one! :)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment :)

    Maybe you have time to read my New Post- Take a Chill-Pill


    1. awww, thanks Akanksha. Sure, I would love to read your new post. hopping on there :) love

  4. Hey hon.. I had to reply you right away.. you knw wat? I've been in there..when you are thinking good about people and they stab you right on your face.. and the worst part is- they fill bad about you to everyone and some of them actually believe it and turn against you as well.. such is the loyalty of a friendship or a relationship.. and no dear.. you don't have to stop helping others.. why do you want to stop being yourself cos some jerk doesn't appreciate you? you need to stand up for yourself.. go out there.. smile and be yourself.. if dey don't understand you then it's der loss!! not your's.. just say to them- GO DIE! :P haahhaha
    just don't care too much about people who treat you as an option!! Live your life :)

    Thanks for your sweet comment.. I'm all eager to write such posts if people like it! :D
    Thank you :)

    Cheer up :)


    1. Hey, Akanksha, wow! you are such a sweetheart. Thank you for all the lovely advice. It seriously killed me today and made me feel so awful but then I had to be firm with my thoughts and make sure that I was doing the right thing from now and who likes getting hurt, right? You are right, I can never say no to helping someone. It's in my blood. Lol I seriously do wish I could just GO DIE buahahahahhahahahahha but oh well, you are right. It is their loss, not mine :) That's another thing, they do spread rumors and make people turn away from us. I am going through that also now but I realize that if the person really matters to me, they would come talk to me and not listen to gossip that's being spread about me. So there again, it all boils down to respecting and love each other. thank you so much for taking out so much time for me and all your loving words. you really know how to bring on the sunshine. And I would love to see your posts, it brings alot of positivity. thanks again. lots of love :))

    2. oops i meant tell them to GO DIE. what a blooper there!! hihi

  5. Nice review.. i wanted to try it and now i will definitely keep in mind to chose the right shade.. :)
    thanks for sharing <3

    1. thanks, Niesha, I do hope you get the exact shade. Because it doesn't work in concealing if it looks ashy.

  6. I tried this a few months back after seeing so many beauty bloggers rave about it but I was disappointed because I had bought the medium one and it still looked very light under my eyes. I also hope that they bring out more shades!

    1. Finally, someone who feels the same way :)) Thanks for taking the time to comment, it means a lot to me.

  7. Hey Nice Review CC :D I have this and waiting to use this as my eye cream massager too when it gets over :P Hope you're doing fine!

  8. @lancy hihi mines not over yet, waiting to use it for eye cream :)

  9. Same me too disappointed I was using this...No effect...Coral...Nice review