Bausch and Lomb Biotrue Rewetting drops review : A boon for us bloggers and otherwise

Biotrue Rewetting drops
This is a product that has really helped my eyes from the very first use. I've tried a couple of drops in the market that were good but not quite as wonderful as this one from Bausch and Lomb. Dryeye sufferers, Ahoy!

Most of us spend all our lives  online! Starting from infants to elderly, everyone's looking down grimly into their phones, ipads and almost a huge fraction of us spend our careers and free time staring into the screen of a gadget. Some of us stare for hours into it without blinking. Imagine the kind of damage we, ourselves, are inflicting on to one of the most important structures of our body! Do you do eye exercises daily like blinking them at regular intervals? I think not. We all know how simple eye exercises us but we just don't do it.

The other day my mom called me complaining of dry eyes and that they were itching. I told her about this particular drop and she was really impressed. Her itching stopped instantly and she told me that her eyes felt more fresh after using them.

biotrue rewetting drops
Imagine the effect dryness has upon our eyes. In the olden days, my grandmother used to say that all she needed was a drop of pure, organic castor oil and that would take care of all her eye problems. If you go to a naturopathy centre, you most likely would have observed that for eye treatment, they squeeze the fresh juice out of some green leaves and apply it to the patient's eyes. Mostly they sting and burn but they also maintain the tone of the eye muscles.

After my mom's complaint of dry eyes, the very next day I experienced the same. But I also experienced a dull aching pain in the left eye.
I remembered the drops and they were nearby, I just reached for them and within an hour I felt major relief from the pain. The dryness was reduced instantly within minutes.
   Let's have a look at what's so special about this eye product from Bausch and Lomb.

bausch and lomb biotrue rewetting drops
Product Guide

Biotrue Rewetting Drops have been designed to instantly soothe and hydrate dry eyes caused by myriad factors.

Contains sodium hyaluronate in the form of 0.24% hyaluronic acid, which is a natural tear lubricant.
It can be safely used by soft and hard contact lens wearers.

Supplied in an innovative, preservative free, multi use bottle.

Once opened, you have to use it in 6 months.


The product is stored in a 10ml container which is housed in a packaging of a soft  hue
of green and blue giving a feel of something more natural contained inside.


I have been using this for a month now and I have to say it really is one of the best rewetting drops.

As soon as I use it my eyes feel refreshed. It's soothing.

I have not felt the slightest irritation, it feels like the tear drops in my eyes since the product contains hyaluron, which is naturally found in the structures of the healthy human eye and the tear film, it causes no irritation.

Well tolerated and feels safe.

Reduces itching sensation if any.

I love it!

It is a sure re-purchase. I have not found anything in the market here that can outperform it....yet.

Biotrue rewetting drops
 How to use?

After ensuring your hands are clean, release the protective cap from the tip of the bottle and set aside.
Do not touch the tip of the bottle to ensure sterility of the product.
Place your thumb on the blue thumb support as shown in the picture below.

How you hold the bottle prior to application
 Prime the bottle first before using it the first time, ie pump the support a few times till the first drop is released. It took me about 7 pumps to release the first drop. I didn't use that drop.

Subsequently, pump again to release drop into the eye.
Baush and lomb biotrue

Baush and lomb biotrue
 Product information

 Bausch and Lomb Biotrue Rewetting drops

MRP: £9.99

Weight: 10ml

Available here



  1. I have dry eyes too! The product looks great...will definitely try it out.
    Bric-A-Brac.A fashion and lifestyle blog.

    1. It's wonderful and so gentle on the eyes. Go for it, Shreya. I am hoping to see Boots open up their pharmacies in Mangalore 😀

    2. It's wonderful and so gentle on the eyes. Go for it, Shreya. I am hoping to see Boots open up their pharmacies in Mangalore 😀

  2. Wow this seems like a perfect product for people like me! Thanx for the review Praseena!

    1. You'd enjoy using this, Megha. It's so refreshing and does not sting like most eye drops do

  3. Sounds good! Is this available in India?

    1. Hi Swati, I have enquired with the agency and will let you know where it's available.
      Thank you

  4. That was a very detailed review. Glad it lived up to the promise. I have dry eyes and might give it a try
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  5. hi, thank you so much. It's really an awesome product. you must grab it when you find it :)

  6. I have never seen this product. It is so helpful!!

  7. Sounds like an amazing product!. Just what I need. Did you get this shipped from Boots to India?. Been long since I visited your blog. It's look have changed.