Dentyl Active Icy Mint Enamel Restore Mouth Wash Review

My parents, especially my father, had always inculcated great oral hygiene from the time we were young. My father would sit me up and teach me how to use a tongue cleaner, use floss, a mouthwash and always brush before we girls went to bed. He was very pretty observant about our dental care routine and would cluck his tongue if we had to go to the dentist for a filling.
So much so that once when I was about 4, I think I was playing with a ballpoint pen and somehow, I managed to get all the blue ink into my mouth. He was chatting with his friend who had come for a visit and suddenly he saw my blue smile. "Dada, I'm blue da ba dee da ba die daba dee da baa!!!"
 He got up like he was set on fire, scooped me up and off we both  flew to the sink where he vigorously tried to brush out my mouth full of ink. I was delighted and surprised to see all the blue drain out while dangling in his arms and watching his concentrated effort from the mirror in front of us. ha! ha! Good ol' days.
 I think he would be one of those people who would be really fascinated by the product that I am reviewing right now.

I always purchase a mouth wash. The most difficult point of having to use one is that it always stings.
But this one! It does not. It passes all the tests and works it's way up to being an addition in my mouth care regimen. Read on to understand why.

Dentyl Active Icy Mint Enamel Restore Mouth wash review
Product Guide

Dentyl Active Icy Mint Mouth Wash is a bi-phasic product that can reduce plaque levels by 25% after brushing. It contains Cetylpyridinium (CPC) proven to kill 99.9% of oral bacteria.
It's alcohol free formula does not sting or dry out the mouth.

It has to be shaken to activate the water-based antibacterial phase with the natural essential oils and CPC to create a dynamic cationic solution.

The debris and bacteria are visible in the sink on rinsing showing you immediate results.

Dentyl active has the same pH as saliva.

Helps strenghten tooth enamel by restoring lost minerals.
Protects against acid erosion.
Makes tooth enamel more resistant to acid attack.

Dentyl Active Icy Mint Enamel Restore Mouth wash

The mouth wash comes in a very easy to grasp bottle which is made from plastic.
The bottle is transparent as with other mouth washes. Not only does it show you the quantity left over after each use but also shows off the brilliant colored bi-phasic fluid inside.
The violet and icy blue is such a gorgeous color. I, believe, the color alone will make me want  to purchase this product over and over again.
The product has a twist open cap which is sturdy and closes back tight.


Dentyl Active Icy Mint Enamel Restore Mouth wash
                                On shaking vigorously, you get a single solution that is a lovely lavender color.
You then proceed to rinse with a cap of this for thirty seconds. When you spit out the contents, you will be surprised to see the remaining food particles lodged in your oral cavity, come out stained in a brilliant purple color. Initially, I did not notice this but later I observed the food particles and was shocked.

The best thing about this product is that it does NOT sting unlike all the other brands available in the market. I have tried all of them. You name it, they all have alcohol in them and they really sting.
To avoid the discomfort caused by the other brands, I used to dilute them in water and use.
With Dentyl Active, I've forgotten the need to mix it water because it is very comfortable and safe to use.

 Hence, this product can be used even in children as young as 7 years of age.
It has a refreshing Icy mint flavor.
I enjoy watching the brilliant blue color mix with the purple to become one hue.
I can't imagine going back to the old mouth washes that used to sting the inside of my cheeks after
using this.
Over all, it's a wonderful product and I would highly recommend you try this out.
I have yet to notice re-mineralisation of the tooth enamel but then again, I have not even gone through an entire bottle yet. With time, I would be able to report any changes to you.

Have you tried this out? What brand of mouth wash do you prefer to use?
Let me know in the comments below.

Rating: 4.7 / 5

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  1. I am really lazy when it comes to dntals care. I just brush my teeth twice a day :) Will keep this mouthwash in mind if i need one in future!

    1. this is definitely a great option for people like us, Megha. I do take great care of my teeth, more now that when I was a kid. I don't like going to visit a dentist so i prefer taking all the routes to oral hygiene heaven. hehe

  2. That was a very detailed review, although I haven’t tried this mouthwash, it seems promising! I'll surely give it a whirl. Happy Diwali
    Style.. A Pastiche! – Diwali OOTD -

    1. Thank you, dear. I have been use this and one more variant from the same brand. Both are very good. do try it out :)
      Happy Diwali :) xoxo