VI-JOHN Skin Fairness Cream with Saffron Review

 Hey, Everyone! This post is all about some of the clothes I got to pick up during the Lifestyle Sale at the City Centre Mall, Mangalore that is ongoing and nearly done with for this season. Oh! How sad I feel when it finally comes to an end. But I also look forward to the new season's arrivals. So yaay!
I have been wanting these tops for the longest time but I didn't want to hurt my wallet by shelling over 1000Rs for them and what do ya know! When the sale started the offer, by the way these are Lee Cooper, was buy 1 at 25% off and buy 2 at 40% off. I was dying to get floral prints into my closet. But I didn't, and just a week ago, the entire collection was at 50% off. Grab! Grab! grab! Grab! I did not think twice. teehee
The pink scarf/dupatta is from Melange, I love their clothes. I always wanted something in baby pink and it was definitely a steal at a price point of Rs.99. Grabbed it. It was Rs.250 originally.
The second top is also the same kind just a different design but when I wore both of them, they looked so nice and the fitting was just so feminine and fun that I could not resist and hey, it was 50% off!!!!

I wore this one out tonight already, there was a birthday party to attend at Mangala restaurant in good ol Moti Mahal and this was a decent top for dinner.

More hauls coming up soon. I had got a really pretty pair of shoes, just need to find them.
I also got three pairs of jeans from Ginger, will try to post them too along with the shoes.
Maybelline is 15% off and yes, the BB cream, is there too at the counters now. Adios Amigos!



  1. oooh pretty top :) I love floral prints :)

    also,,I have tagged you in a fun post, please check it out :)

    1. thanks, Namita, i love florals this year!!
      thanks for the tag, i sure will check it out :)

  2. Yay !! Sale..even here now almost all brands offering Sale :)..Loved the second top lot!!:)

    1. oooh! time for shopping then :) thanks, Siri

  3. Beautiful tops ...floral tops are oh so.. feminine
    I totally love the lifestyle sale
    Ginger has some really cool stuff
    bought 2 pairs of shoes at a spectacular 80% off recently

    How I love the sale season !!!

    1. I love Sale season too but it's almost done with out here and the new collections that have been coming in are really pretty too.
      Lifestyle has got some new good stuff. 80%off WOW that's a real deal.

  4. Very pretty! :)
    Oh BTW, I am your newest follower :)
    Wonderful blog :)
    Visit mine sometime :)
    Namita <3

    1. hi Namita
      So nice to see you here.
      thanks for the follow, how sweet :)
      thanks for all the lovely compliments, i will be following you around too :)

  5. Replies
    1. thanks alot, dear :) I enjoy wearing it too.

  6. heyyyy...wowowow..u picked it in chennai lifestyle huh ?...btwn i love ginger sooo much

    1. Varshini, I picked this up from mangalore lifestyle. But I hear that Express Avenue is having a similar sale so I think the same tops will be available(Lee Cooper) there too till stocks last or the sale ends. Do try to grab your chance and shop :) I love ginger too. pretty stuff. they get sold out very soon too.

  7. pretty outfit
    Awesome post
    very nice blog im following you follow back please
    ♥ SadeeStyle ♥