Nivea Visage Expert Lift Day Care Cream SPF 15 Review

I've always trusted my mom when it comes to skin care stuff, be it natural or store-bought beauty aids. She knows her beauty related stuff really well.
I noticed her using this cream the last time I was with her and she also mentioned how awesome this cream is. She also re-purchased it three times so I think that really does say something about this packaged beauty.
It has an impressive list of ingredients including Bioxilift and hyaluronic acid with an effective UVA/UVB SPF 15.

In case you are wondering- Bioxolift is obtained from Anise plant which works up the collagen network in your skin, restructuring your skin matrix to become more tight and taut.
Hyaluronic acid, as most of us already know, is a skin plumper.
As this is a day cream, you just apply it in upward strokes after your  morning cleansing routine.It's a light cream with a baby pink tinge to it and a pleasant fragrance. It gets absorbed into the skin if used sparingly and patted gently.

Keeps the skin very well moisturized and taut.
Do check this out if you are just about getting done with your day cream. Happy Sunday, Amigos :)




  1. Nice review, i like their face wash a lot! When it comes to day cream I am very choosy, I use tinted moisturizer most of the time.

  2. Hi, Tapaswini, so nice to hear from you after a long time. How are you doing? :) I am very picky about creams too. This is definitely good for those who are looking into ant-aging as well.

  3. Nice review and thank you for sharing.:)
    Your mom got it for three times... sounds promising!!
    i want to try now!

  4. Great review, Coral.. I will try to get my hands on that!.. In the first pic, I actually thought the lid is so colorful!!.. But then I understood it's just a reflection :).. Hey, also I have posted a giveaway on my blog. Do check it out and enter it.

  5. @Niesha, thank you :) This is a really nice product.
    @Naznin, thank you dear. I just noticed the reflection now after you mentioned it hahaha How sweet of you, so let me begin this year's giveaway entering with yours :))

  6. I love Nivea. THis looks like a great product to try. ALways enjoy a product that moisturizes.
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