Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips Review

I have tried a variety of nose strips but nothing came close to the power of yanking off, unclogging and deep cleaning my pores as this one did. I am really impressed with it. They are not easily available in India so I ask my parents to get them for me whenever they can.
I won't be posting any swatches of how well it worked but you have to trust me when I say it really does it job haha I really don't want to gross you out with the pictures.
I feel what would be a better way to seal the pores right after using it, is to ice the area so that the larger pores close up immediately and there is no possibility of dirt build up.
It is dermatologist tested.
Make sure your nose and cheek area is thoroughly cleansed and wet before applying this as it won't stick to dry skin.
After you apply it please do not wet the strip again on your nose as it will make the gum loose and won't adhere to your blackheads well.
Make sure your hands are dry.
This is one of the major faults that people commit when using this and then the product doesn't work for them at all. So be careful. 

What nose strip are you using? Are you happy with the results?
MRP- $8-12
I really like these a lot.




  1. This is my staple for blackheads .. These are easily available here n do the job well I use a lot of these ..

    1. Lucky you get them there, I have finished my strips and now have to wait :)

  2. nose strip worked on me so far... hopefully they bring this to india soon :D

    thanks for the review gal! :)

    1. Other these none have worked on me either, so disappointing right? you are welcome :)

  3. wonderful review... haven't heard of this product... looks like this works well..

  4. I never use strips like these. However, lovely review :)