Sally Hansen Hard As Nails in Glazed Sand Review

Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen
Tonight I thought I will feature a nail paint. I am not so much into nail paints. I prefer my nails acetone-free as I eat using my hands and picture chipped nail polish mixing with my food and making it's way down my intestines. My active imagination leads to all Haha and heehoo. The luxury of wanting to eat with your hand.
But, ahem, I don't like my toe nails looking too plain so I do end up painting my toe nails in between weeks, whenever I remember to.
This line is highly rated for it's durability.
It's pretty much chip resistant but after four days or so most nail polishes chip anyway.
This is a very lovely shade.
It goes with any complexion and it does make your nails look really smooth.
It happens to be the first Sally Hansen product that I have tried so I find the applicator brush really long but due to the same feature, you can apply it in one go and do not need to keep painting it on several coats to get it look snazzy.
I wore two coats to get it to the shade on my nails.
Found just a single coat too light. I wanted it to be full on and bling.
Definitely a shade you could use for formal functions like weddings or just a visit to the grocer to get your refrigerator stocked up.
MRP- Rs.275 approx, can be found discounted online
I do like this very much!



  1. such a pretty colour :)

  2. Such a lovely review. I laughed at some things you wrote there.. Haha and heehoo.. hahahaa... Beautiful color..

  3. Really pretty colour! I need a gold in my collection, Sally Hansen seems like a good choice. :D

  4. Very nice subtle color:)
    Loved the new blog look too.

  5. Sorry guys, there is some prob with this reply option so am unable to reply directly under each comment till I get that issue sorted out.

    @Saumya, it's really a lovely shade :) thank you
    @Poorva, it certainly is :)
    @Nazneen, I thought I'll let my quirky side out.
    @Bree, thank you :)xoxox
    @Nisha, then you must try the shade # 44 Gilded Pearl Chrome from Sally hansen, that's a real gold from them, this is a more shy white kind of gold. :)

  6. @Niesha, thank you, really wanted a change, glad you like it :)

  7. Pretty color! Looks lovely on your nails!

    Loved loved the new look of Coral Crue! <3

  8. Awwwww, Deepika!! thank you so much, really love your appreciation :)))))))))))

  9. Love metallic paints! The Bling on your nails looks nice :)
    I've never owned a Sally Hansen nail paint but tried them quite a few times over the years at a friend's house, parlor etc. I found that when they start to chip the whole thing just peels off, it's quite funny. Wonder if you or anyone else experienced this, or it's just me (I have fiddly fingers! :P)