MAC Pink Treat Cremestick Lip Liner Review

MAC Pink Treat Cremestick Liner is one of my first and favourite MAC purchases. I have been meaning to write about it since a while but not been getting down to it.
With the numerous sales all over Mangalore, I have changed my routine to shopping, shopping and more shopping. I am keeping a strict vigil over my wallet and buying only 'essentials'. Yup, let's just call it that for now.
MAC Pink Treat Cremestick Lip Liner

If you are new to Cremestick Liners, I have to say they are creamier and more hydrating than regular lip liner pencils from MAC. If you have dry and chapped lips, then definitely get these. The shade Pink Treat in itself is a very beautiful medium pink. The pigmentation is great. There is no feathering or bleeding out of your lip line once adhered. The mechanical twist-up pencil is a boon over the kinds that you need to sharpen. Application remains neat. 

This is really light on application and so creamy. It wears for around 6 hours when paired with a lipstick and maybe slightly less with a gloss. It can be worn on it's own too due to great pigmentation, it will last 6 hours.
The color is really beautiful and dark. It reminds me of a deeper Barbie pink. So you can imagine it now. It is a little more expensive than the regular pencil liners with a little less product but for those who are at an age(50+) where your lipstick bleeds out of your lip line to make a mess, always!!, then this is great as it does not move after application. You can use it instead of your bleeding lipstick! The other plus being you do not need to carry a sharpener around with you. So if you choose convenience over cost pick the cremestick.

It goes on well with most lipsticks but it's closer in shade to MAC Syrup so that's one great lipstick to pair this with. It goes well with a variety of shades. So it's versatile that way.
The finish is matte. 
Do not twist up the pencil too much like above because you can break it while applying.
So just twist up a little bit and use.

Cost is around the price range of Rs.1100 or so. I do not have the exact figure.

It gets used up fairly quickly. That's a bummer.



  1. I loved the color! It's beautiful, it will match with a lot of lip colors.:)

    1. it sure will, Niesha. Hope you are enjoying your Sunday :)

  2. It seems like a lovely, flattering pink :)

  3. the color looks so pretty !!!
    i think it will go with all pinks and maroon.

  4. nice reviews.. 1100 for a lip pencil is bit pricey however when looking at plus that its MAC+ stays for 6 hours I am tempted

  5. its a beautiful shade <3 gonna check dis out :D