Aroma Magic Ultra Glow Fairness Gel Review

Hey, all you beautiful people out there :)
I hope you are having a wonderful start to this week.
I sure am.
They say after the storm comes the sun and the sun is sure shining here.
I hope you are all having a great start to this week. Keep smiling always.
I am out to review one of my absolute favourite products from India.
I like natural products and I am sure by now you all know that.
If you do so too, DO NOT miss this review.
I don't hesitate to try new things but I prefer going back to, and prefer using more earthy and natural remedies for my day to day use.
I was searching through a supermarket shelf couple of years back when I stumbled across this wonderful gel.
I had stocked just two of them with me after discovering what a wonderful product it is but unfortunately my stock is over now and that supermarket has been shut ever since.
And so this product has disappeared for me. It is not stocked anywhere else in Mangalore.
Oh, how I wish I could get my hands on it again. It's not available online either. I have tried.
PLEASE DO NOT MISTAKE THIS FOR THE Ultra Glow Fairness Cream. I almost got that by mistake once. They come in similar packaging and there is almost no difference except for the words gel and cream.
I have, however, not tried out the cream as it says it's for dry skin. I have combination skin so I prefer the gel. I am sure the cream will have a totally different texture.
I have got a lot of emails mostly from guys asking about the fairness products in the market. I know that most people do not like talking about it but let's face it, some of us want a glowing complexion and we will go to any extent for it. 
So guys, if you are reading this, then you will want this gel compared to other chemical laden stuff that is lying out there in the market. This works slowly but surely.
I haven't tried too many Blossom Kochhar products but I have to say the ones I have tried are really good. This one is the best of what I have tried so far. I can't stop raving about it, as you can see.
I am not just raving about the fairness bit as you will discover as you read through the review.
The brand says this is to be used for sun protection and it also prevents skin darkening.
Two things that I always need to be careful with as I am an outdoors freak.
I get tanned very easily.
It work on your skin safely making it bright and radiant.
Contains no bleach or harmful chemicals
Ingredients- Extracts of Aloe Vera, tamarind, horse radish, vitamin B3, C, A and E, sunscreen and fairness agents and pure essential oils of lavender, orange blossom, wintergreen, geranium basil and rose.
Trust me on the smell, it takes you to a very soothing and calm place. It's a wonderful smelling product. It's not a strong smell but very pleasant. I love love love the smell!!

The texture is in between a cream and gel but when applied on the face, it totally sinks in.

I love applying this on my face after a shower. This is my last tube and I am skimping on using it as I know I won't find it unless it comes on flipkart or magically appears in some store but I know it's not going to happen any time soon, AM SO SAAAAAD :(

For the fairness bit, I am going to be honest, It does a good job of evening out complexion but I have used just two tubes and in that there was no drastic change on skin spots, acne scars or even making you Snow White but in just two tubes, it has prevented further tanning and evened out my skin tone which is saying much for a natural product. I will buy this life long for how incredible it feels, smells and tones the skin.

What else, what else.....hmm price point- Rs.29 for that tube. That's the old price tag. The price alone was a factor in making me want to pick it up and try it out and am so glad I did. It was well worth the product.

Will update if I learn how much it costs now.
Easy and hygienic packaging, the roses on the tube, great for travel, it's got only a lot of pros.

Cons being difficult to get- Poor availability.

So guys, do let me know if you have used this product of if you have any more rave worthy products such as this- then share down below in the comments section. 

Till the next review, 
Much Love <3



  1. Seems very good and interesting Coral Loved your review :)

  2. I wasn't aware Aroma magic has gel creme for oily skin and that too at that price! Nice review Coral! I will check it out!:)

    1. I wouldn't have known either until I saw this. they are a really good brand.

  3. Nice review. I thought this brand would be available easily online. And the price is so good!

    1. I thought it would be available too but this particular product is not available, Karishma :(

  4. Oh My! The price!

    Judging by your review, I will Buy It Soon If It's Available!

    Hope Some Site Stocks This Soon!

    1. Heena, I am still searching for it. If you find it first, let me in on it :)

  5. Hey Coral!.. Excellent review :). Gel products are always great for people with combination to oily skin. So great choice. Sad that you are not able to access it anymore. First when I was scrolling down and a part of the first picture loaded, I thought it's a tissue box!. There is a brand of tissue box with exactly that same rose print available here!. Anyways, hope you find it soon dear. That too a natural product for that low a price!. It's too low to let go...


    1. Hi Doll, thanks you. Oh yeah, I think i know which one you are talking about. Lol so true!! It really is a great product. not to miss