Coming Up on Coral Crue

Good evening, Everyone :)
We are bringing to you, our lovely customers, by popular demand two more products, other than Organic Indigo powder for your luscious locks. 
Time and again, I have been requested by you for sale of several products and we are starting the sale of Organic Henna powder and Organic Amla powder as you have declared unsatisfactory results from the henna and amla powder packets that you have been purchasing from stores.
We want to bring you the purest and safest products because you owe this to your body.
You have just one, so might as well take care of it. 

I will put up a post in detail regarding the powders and their uses along with pictures of the products.

For now, just wanted you all to know that we are ready for sale.

Kindly contact me at regarding orders for the same.

Organically yours,

Coral Crue  



  1. Organic powder sounds good!
    Good luck!

    1. Thank you, Niesha, these products are doing well :)

  2. This is so freaking awesome!. Good for you, hun :). I am most interested in the Henna powder...

    1. thank you so much, Naz :) Yes, the indigo, henna and amla powders are in great demand :)