Blogging pains of a not-so-tech savvy blogger

Yep, that's been me. Since the past few months.
Every time I want to put thoughts down to, I have to do the above atleast ten times before getting the post right.
The previous post I just wrote, it got deleted thrice before I finally could put it up today.
That's not just it. I am not happy with the font and size. I have chosen a particular font and a size and it still ends up showing up so small that I can barely read it.
I've tried so many things. Maybe it's the template's fault. Yeah, let's go ahead and blame a non-living thing- the template!
That's how smart I am when it comes to the internet and even some android phones.

The question is how are you guys managing so well without pulling your hair out. 
It sometimes beats the pleasure of writing lucidly when having to deal with these parameters.
Also, I've been trying my best to get adsense for the blog. Might as well make some dough from the writing, right? Well, it's not happening. I've tried everything and finally they say it's because my home address is incorrect. I have mailed them so many times and it still says it's incorrect. How can they tell me that I don't know where I live?  It can't be that. I have no idea what to do. A little help, please.......
What more do I need to learn? I don't know who to ask.
How to get a little more tech geeky or tech savvy? 
Any input is most welcome on how to get more intelligent with blogging?
Do you suggest any courses or online tutorials which can make me a happy blogger?
This is so beyond me. I need a drink. Saturday night madness!!!!



  1. OK. First, take a chill pill. I am a fellow non-tech-savvy blogger.
    Try these
    1 while writing a post in the composition interface, hit the 'Save' button every now and then so that, in case your internet disconnects, you leave the page, etc. what you had done so far remains 'saved'. You can edit it again later and publish.

    2 From the option called 'Template' on the right side, try the advanced settings of the template. You have everything you need.
    Do something. Before experimenting, save the html code for your current template, so that in case anything goes wrong, you can just copy paste the code and get back to what you had before.
    Hope this helps.

  2. WordPress is much user friendly!. I wish you would move. In WP, you just compose it and publish. No tinkering around with the font and all. I still haven't figured out how to change the color of font but I don't think it's too necessary. So I left it at that. I can't help with adsense. Dunno how it works. But it's funny they say your address is incorrect!

  3. Hi dear, you can use word and then copy and paste it into the post editor.
    For adsense, try posting this at adsense help forum. Hopefully someone can answer. It's insane, how can they judge the address is incorrect.

  4. I love the font, it's super easy to read. Adsense is the worst, IMO, unless you have thousands of visitors on a daily basis. I've been a member for 5+ years & it's the biggest dud for me. Barely get few $ a month, it's a total joke.

  5. Honestly, I myself 'm not a technical person..Managing technical things alongside main blogging is a pain in the ass..

    But I have a meeting scheduled tomorrow with a website designer for my blog tid bits.. He has already done a lot of changes in my blog internally and I'm very happy.. final changes along with add sense will happen in 3-4 days..

    Mail me if you need his details.. he himself writes a blog n so he already know a lot of things :)

  6. Hi,

    I am a new blogger....and it has been the same for me as well...
    At first I had no idea what to do...and reading instructions from blogger help was soooooooo confusing....So I just google searched about customizing blogger, inserting page breaks the way you want, etc... there are just so many helpful people out there who have done posts on this subject. Try visiting the below blogs, they are really helpful


    I haven't got to adsense yet....but I am really worried after reading your post :-/

    Anyway...I hope these help you...take care :)

  7. hope it help you! how much i get to know about your site you have problem with crawling the data see when all we are check website rand every website has 2 ranks one in the word and other one in our country or mostly visitors from particular country we get that rank according to country your second rank missing thats why google say they don't get to know where you live because they can't locate the data ! maybe this is the problem

  8. I can so relate to this! Facing so many issues myself. But do click on save every now and then while typing out a post. It helps! :)

  9. Just wanted to say that I'm in the same boat as you! And as soon as you figure out about the font size, please drop me a line, will you. Thanks a ton! :)

  10. I can so relate to this, loved the discussion here,helpful tips..
    I still can't figure out adsense,so never tried adding it in my blog