Project: Get Happy

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Time and again we all find ourselves falling into ditches that we dig ourselves.
It may not be yourself that's doing the digging all the time but finally, only you can put yourself in a ditch and maybe stay there.
There are lots of people, situations, life processes, your body giving up(illness) or general negativity that urge you to get into and fall in the ditch but it's all up to you whether you get in or stay out. 
I am talking about one such ditch. I need to get out. I do come out of it many a times but I find myself going back to the comfort of it. 
When I close my eyes, I see myself as a very happy infant, toddler, child, young adult but somewhere along the road, I lost myself to the myriad experiences that is my life.
I let others dictate my happiness to me, who I am, what I want to be and what I believe in.
I think it's time to be me. The ever-happy and unlimited me.
I had started a project last year and it was to lose weight. And I did.
This year the project is to get happy, half the year is done with. More than half, it's August now.
Boy, did someone keep hitting that snooze button.
But there's time. Don't fret. There's always today and a tomorrow.
How do I propose to get started?
I'll just wake up in the morning with the enthusiasm of a child.
No baggage from yesterday and no thoughts about tomorrow.
I plan to practise staying in the now as much as possible.
The first thing I am going to do is clear out my room.
I have a happy space that I have been clearing up since a while now, I'll fix that up and post
my next 'Get Happy' assignment in here soon :)
Let's whip out some of that music too.



  1. I Don't Know What's Up With You But I Hope You Do Heal Soon!:)

    If God Brings You To It, He WILL Bring You Through It.. God Bless You!

  2. I've gotten in one such hole last year (mostly my own doing) & I'm afraid it'll be a while before I can fully come out. But I definitely will. Here's hoping we both find a lot of happiness & positivity soon. <3

    1. Hey Magali, We need to be careful of the holes of our own doings. Those are the harder ones to get out of because we believe they are as deep as we make it. It's hard at times. But there is definitely light outside it. We just need to choose to come out of it. You know right after I wrote this post, someone extremely close fell ill. We've been fighting illness in the family from the beginning of this year. it's been so draining and I keep thinking how are we going to overcome this, Lord! But we have to come out of it, no matter what. I hope you work your way through it too. yesterday, all I did was took a table out into the balcony. It was really late at night. I had some light on, a good book and I just sat there. Listening to the crickets chirping, the sounds of the night and the rain. read my book. sat for sometime and just absorbed it all in. told myself there will be happy days and sad days. just have to keep on living, breathing,smiling and most importantly, doing what we love. Here's to Project Happy. No abandoning it no matter what. you take care <3

    2. Absolutely. I live by this Buddhist philosophy I read somewhere once: everything is cyclical. Good, bad they all come & go. It helps me gain more acceptance & be a bit more 'zen' about things. You too :)

    3. I wish I could always be in Buddha's state of zen. it would be a more eventful life.

  3. Hey, nice post, Coral.. Seriously, I feel like I have let others decide whether i should be happy. Also, once hurt, I am constantly in the "low phase". It's really really sad. I gotta stop it. I wanna be happier too.. Goodluck with the project and I am gonna try too :)

    1. Hi, Naz. When you give your power away to someone else you lay your decisions and happiness in their hands. Just try to refrain from doing so and if at all you do, you have to make a conscious decision that it is done with happiness.Try to daily uplift yourself from your state of low. it will be hard but a little at a time, with things that help you feel lighter and more positive. soon you will find yourself overcoming that low phase. I find daily meditations and being with God help so much. They say all we have to do is Ask for help. maybe try it out.

    2. Thank you Coral for the advice.. I am trying my best to be positive always :)