Be Kind

It doesn't hurt. You lose nothing.
Be Kind.
There are so many people in this world going through a myriad challenges or situations each day.
Some of us face inner and outer battles on a day to day basis. Most of us.
It would help cushion emotions if you just worked in your way to kindness in some little way.
Smile at them. It's the best form of kindness you can ever show to anyone.
Don't give a  fake smile though. Mean it.
Kindness should not be an effort. It should flow naturally from all of us not only to our
fellow beings but also to all creatures big or small.
We all have a place in this universe. And we share this space with each one of us who are
living in it at this very moment. These are the people who share this moment in time with us. There
are no replacements for them. 
That man who walks with a slight tilt to his body. The child who looks up at you while on her way to school
every day in the morning. The old lady who lugs three heavy bags back from work at night.
The kitten that comes around from the neighbour's garden to see if you are cooking some fish and hoping even more that you might want to share some while you both satisfy your 2am cravings in the moonlit darkness.
They all make up part of our reality, the here and now for you. Be nice to them. Acknowledge them every once in a while.
Whenever possible. All you have to do is come a little out of your comfort zone. Very little.
We should celebrate kindness just like we celebrated Rakshabandan yesterday, our birthdays every year and rejoice in what a beautiful gift to the human race it is to be.
It's not that hard. It doesn't need that much courage.
 Practise perhaps one kindness at a time. Keep doing the same repetitive act over and over again
till it becomes a habit. And it also gets easier.
For example, whenever someone drops an item when grocery shopping, I pick it up for them.
And it happens a lot. People keep dropping stuff all the time. Now it's habitual for me to pick stuff up for someone who has dropped it. Bending over doesn't hurt for me and it's possible. 
So I don't just pick up objects, I pick up midgets who fall.
Kids keep falling down. In playgrounds, at the mall, everywhere you look there are falling kids.
And there is that moment when they fall, that they realize that they are down and hurt.
I pick them up promptly so they don't start crying and want their parents to beat up the floor.
And I smile at them. The beautiful and amazing next generation of us.
Most of them end up wailing back in to your face but at least they are back up on their feet.
I love picking up kids who fall. Call me crazy. It's a rare moment that I get to connect with them.
Kindness can be huge or as small as what I have just described.
Share your food with someone, your smile, your bending techniques, whatever....Just Share :)



  1. Beautifully written cc. I so agree with u that v all are facing prob in one or the other way but showing kindness does not cost anything!

    1. thank you, Megha. I just hope that each one of us has the kindness gene in us :)

  2. 100% SUPPORT HERE!!!

    People have become so busy that they have forgotten to care about really doesn't take much effort to just smile or do the little helps as you mentioned...but the satisfaction and happiness you get in return is priceless...

    One thing I usually do is to give my seat to elderly or pregnant women if I am in a public bus, or sitting areas in malls and parks. Sometimes I have got hugs and kisses from sweet grandmas which really makes my day...

    I always believe in the saying, you get back what u give (wthr good or bad)....So whenevr I do any help to anyone I always bear in mind that, someday wen I'm in need, God will send me help in return of what I did today.


    1. thank you, dear Abidha for your lovely comment.
      In our stress filled lives we tend to forget that there is another living breathing human being next to us who needs some care.
      Once we consciously put an effort to direct our attention to them, it will make the whole world a much nicer place.

      It is so nice of you to offer your support to the elderly in the bus, it is something I do too. no matter what, I always get up from my seat when I see someone else needs it more than me. What else is our health and youth there for? I feel everyone should do the same if they are capable.

      Have a wonderful week. Love :)

  3. Such a beautifully written piece! And so true as well - what does someone lose by showing a little bit of kindness? If anything, it only makes the person on the receiving end feel good...and hopefully encourages them to pass on their own little random acts of kindness to others!


    1. Hi Richa, I am really enjoying the comments below my post. it's so nice to see what all of you have to say :)

  4. Very well written dear :) Coming out of the comfort zone to show a little bit of kindness doesn't hurt. I remember once I was changing metro at a station and I saw an old man carrying a lot of thick books. They seemed really bulky. He was also changing metros. I went up to him and offered to pick up few books to help him out. I can never forget that look which was a mixture of surprise & relief. It made my day, truly :)

    1. Thank you, Preeti. It was really nice of you to help out the elderly man. Elders in our country, it is our duty to take care of. Be it a stranger or a person from home. (hugs)

  5. Lovely Post!! I loved reading it and agree kindness doesn't cost anything. It is the thinking with which I live my life ever since I was a child, courtesy to my parents. I even help out strangers when people wont even talk to them and I think I m not doing any favor as one day even I will be in their place. There are little things that we do for others which makes others and us happy, satisfied and content. Apart from that if you cant be good to others dont be bad and if dont have the big heart to motivate someone, then criticizing and demotivating shouldn't be there.
    I dont do this for praising but, so that I can face myself in the mirror everyday!!

    1. I always pray, Niesha, that every child is taught moral science. It is such an important subject that I grow up with. I feel it helps to impart the right conscience. I am so happy to hear that you follow the same. You are right, it should happen naturally. I like that what you said about if we can't be good, don't be bad. that is so so important. Love you (hugs)

  6. Such a thoughtful post. Its true...kindness doesnt cost and we should try and be kind as much possible.
    Truly heartouching :)

  7. What a Beautiful Post!

    It Doesn't Hurt.. You Lose Nothing.. So True!

    I Have Always Admired People Who Don't Just Push Their Limits Of Help for Their Family But Also For Strangers..

    Even If One Life Has Breathed Happily Coz of You, You Have Been Successful in Living..

    God Bless You!:)

    1. Thank you, Heena. I just felt like writing it because I have observed who people can be unnecessarily rude. I feel everyone should care for the other person :)

  8. lovely post cc..... i am just in a fight with my bff; this post somewhat makes me feel guilty :D

    1. Hi Sangeetha, tiffs happen in any relationship. it's just a way of working out stuff between people. The takeaway from it should be how to make it better the next time around. Also, if at fault, a simple apology will suffice. If not, just let it slide and hope the best for the other person to be able to understand. In love, all these katti vatti's happen. Hota hai :) Cheery up

  9. This is so beautifully written, Coral!. I just loved it... It's inspiring and beautiful. I do pick up after people in supermarkets. You are right. People do drop things so much!. I just love this post. So nice to read... Thank you, for your have made my day just brighter with this post.

    1. I feel so happy inside when I read your lovely comments. See, that's a kindness you are doing unto me :)Even you have made my day

    2. That's real sweet of you to say, hun :)

  10. Beautifully written u darling.
    u come up with such a nice thought/post <3

  11. Really liked the way you have written this post. All of us are so busy these days that we hardly get time to look around and see what is happening. Small gestures can really do wonders and make you happy at the end of the day.

    I am glad I am following you :)

    1. Truly, Manisha. Sometimes when I see how we interact on a daily basis I find that we get more attached to material things than people or how they feel. I see it in myself so I try to change consciously. In no way am I saying I am a materialistic person but certain conditioning makes us run behind the unnecessary. I wrote this post to remind myself as well as others how small things can lead us to unlimited love and a beautiful life. thank you for your kind words.