The Jewellery Edition

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Am not one to have outrageous tastes when it comes to jewellery. I prefer delicate pieces. Pieces I can work with. Even if the piece is heavy I would want an artistically and intricately designed piece with really good hand work.

Rarely does jewellery catch my eye and if it does, I keep staring at it. But seriously, it almost never happens.
I had this friend in college whose father was an extravagant doctor. He'd travel to various countries and come back with lovely trinkets for her. Me being the goof, I'd never even notice when she'd wear something to class. I'd just have woken up late, brushed my teeth and without even combing my hair run to class with bag and books. She'd sit there waving the rock at my face or delicately pointing at some pages in my book and I still wouldn't have noticed the lovely ring he got her from Egypt. Finally, she'd give up and say,'What do you think of my new ring?' or 'Does this arm band look sexy on me?' And I'd go, 'Oh yeah, definitely!' I still remember her silly ways and laugh. But it was so endearing and cute. Now I see many more women around me doing the same thing and make it a point to compliment them and make them happy if they are waving their hands at me like flailing windmills.
 I'm not a big fan of chunky pieces of metal thrown together with outrageous amounts of stones and bling which are sold at even more outrageous prices. There are pieces I see at the store sometimes and wonder if anyone would ever buy something like that and after a few weeks would see it on a gaudily dressed bride. Oh, horror of all horrors!! 
                Going to a jewellery store is not a satisfying outing for me as it used to be when I was younger when my mom used to take us girls browsing. There used to be very fine work done back in the day. Now, it's hard to find what I have in mind. Maybe I am not just frequenting the right places. Also, I hate when my mom puts a gun to my head and says, "Pick one RIGHT NOW!!" Isn't jewellery something you should like before you buy? 
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When it came to choosing bangles I was a little adamant that I wanted some of these. The soft gold hammered ones. Instead of very traditional chunky bangles which couldn't be used as daily wear, I preferred some of these. I use them every day too. Infact, I have one on while writing this piece. See how useful these pieces can be, mom!! :)

tanishq rani haar image courtesy: tanishq

This Tanishq Rani Haar is so pretty. The strings are beaded emeralds embellished with regal polki work.

image: tanishq

This is another very pretty piece from Tanishq, it's a manga necklace. Manga as in mango and not the popular Japanese Manga comic series. ;)
There is one more popular design that's being sported by many South Indian brides. I'll probably go look for that piece and put it up in another post. 
The essence of my post being: Remember girls, when it comes to jewellery and makeup, less is more.
Till the next edit, toodles.
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  1. I agree completely! Less is more. These are some lovely picks.

  2. I am a minimalistic person who prefers more delicate designs!! :)

    1. Nice to know you have fine taste in jewellery too, Niesha :)

  3. I'm a Total Jewellery Person! While I love To Wear Layered Rings n Arm Candies, I Make Sure To Keep My Neck Area Clean Lest I Look Like a X-mas Tree :P

    Loved Your Choices!:)

  4. Love Tanishq Rani Haar! It look so pretty!

  5. I totally agree with you. I love simplistic pieces of jewelry!. I absolutely loved the pic of the first bangle in this post. It's right up my alley. It's simple and even without a single stone, it's eye catching. But some people love to dress gaudily. For my wedding, I did that too :P. But am back to being normal after thank. Luckily, my husband likes me to wear simple things too. So I don't get objections from him!

    1. In our kind of weddings they expect us to dress lavishly so I can totally understand besides it's once in a lifetime right ;) It's nice to have all kinds of pieces. I guess to each his own, you should love the pieces you own so you can enjoy wearing them. I have a lot of pieces with me that I personally don't like and I don't know how to sell it for value and get stuff that I would wear regularly. That was the urge to do this post, to be able to wear the jewellery you own.

  6. i liked all! gr8 collection!!!nice post:)

  7. Absolutely love her in this look. The nose ring is simple yet looks so gorgeous on her. Amazing well styled!

    1. Very true, Preeti. I find the simpler the jewellery the more beautiful and elegant the bride looks. Not everyone will agree with me. and I can understand that there are some statement pieces that look really good too but I'm a little more of the types who leans towards simple and elegant pieces.