DHATRI MAAVILA Tooth paste Review

I detest mint in my tooth paste, especially the strong artificial mint smell. Most toothpastes here have that. It makes me run a mile when someone has just brushed their teeth and gives out that mint odour when they speak. I don't know why but I dislike it like crazy. It doesn't mean I love halitosis, yeeeeew! I'd run ten thousand miles further if someone's not brushing at all. It icks me out. So I was overjoyed when I was given this toothpaste as I love mango leaf flavour. It is made by Kerala-based Dhatri Ayurveda Kendra. I have some more reviews of their products coming up for you.
 This product I have to tell you is available even in U.A.E, Japan and Australia! I was stumped with that because I couldn't find it in Mangalore but it is available in Bangalore and all over Kerala. 


Make your teeth smile!
Healthy teeth is very much a part of healthy life. Historic tests and manuscripts tell that in former times man used to give much care and attention to the health of his teeth. Only natural products were used to maintain dental health. Leaves of mango trees and twigs of banyan trees were used in place of paste and brush by our ancestors. The early exponents of Ayurveda discovered that the brushing of teeth with ripe leaves of the mango tree would result in getting strong and shiny teeth, tight gums and fresh breath.
Now, the goodness of nature, is born once more, through Dhatri. Containing no chemicals. Warrier's Hospital and Panchakarma centre, with proud tradition of three centuries in the sphere of Ayurvedic care, has developed the Maavila Dantcare Tooth paste through years of continuous research. The toothpaste mainly contains cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, neem and mango leaves.

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  • Cinnamon ensures a peppy taste. Kills bacteria invading teeth and gums. Also a best pain killer.
  • Dry ginger controls acidity of the mouth. Acts as a good antiseptic also.
  • Cardamom heals infections of gums and teeth. Bestows fresh breath. Imparts good immunity to diseases.
  • Neem contains ingredients essential for hygiene of teeth. It's extract prevents tooth decay. Daily use of neem prevents bleeding of gums. And within a few months teeth will retain it's earlier shine and health.
  • Cloves prevent tooth pain and inflammation.
  • Mangoferrin in Mango leaf has medicinal properties for developing immunity against diseases. It's also antiseptic and antiviral. Endows cleanliness to teeth and health to the gums. Prevents tooth decay, Little wonder, mango leaf has been advised by doctors from historic times.


Healthy and whitening
Fights disease germs and strengthens teeth
Freshness to breath
Prevents bleeding and inflammation of gums
Heals mouth infections
Anti-bacterial properties
pH balance formula inside rectifies damage to skin or saliva in mouth.


I love this paste because it's the best way of carrying your mango leaf with you wherever you want to go.
I have used mango leaves right from the tree from time to time and it's so refreshing for your teeth, this is a close substitute for it.
I wish it were as tangy as the mango leaf though.
It doesn't have that minty feel which I dislike in most other tooth pastes.
It smells very refreshing and green.
It leaves my sparklers clean and fresh. I enjoying brushing my teeth because of this little gem.
I can't say much about whitening as I don't have very yellow teeth. It does a good job in cleaning.
It's a pastel green colour and not stark white.
I have already re-stocked on this as it is not easily available where I live.
I have suggested it to my entire family and they all like using it too.

Hole in my wallet: Rs.80 


I am always on the look out for natural remedies for maintaining dental hygiene. How about you? Have you tried this paste? What is your favourite tooth paste?



  1. i like and promote use of indian products. Dhathri is new brand for me, hearing only frm u bt reading abt mango leaves flavor gives me kick!! too good

    1. That's great to know, Vanu. I am pleased to be promoting a product from a brand that I really like and trust. :) Trust me, this has a nice mango leaf kick to it. I have fun using it.

  2. informative post... thanks for sharing...

  3. Hey nice review and I am seeing your comment only now. Thank you so much for your kind words. Its really nice to have friends who are there to listen and understand even if its from the virtual world. Honestly, that is what I love about blogging. I have met so many people whom I would have never come across if it was not for my blogs. Once again thank you so much for the lovely comment. I really appreciate it. On a personal level I am much better now and spiritual thinking is a bit too much for ppl of my age group but if its keeping me sane and stable who am I to complain :). U too take care.

    1. Thank you, I just wanted to reach out to you in some way :) it is indeed nice to have friends through blog world too, I agree. I am happy to know that you are in a better place now. you take care. *hugs*

  4. I have heard abt dhathri hair oil and face packs which are quite famous and does show benefits...
    nice review & i do love refresh'n paste =)

    1. the hair oil is very famous and effective too, Suna. I've seen people growing their hair long with it in a matter of just three months. :)