Nilgiris Eucalyptus Oil Review

I love Eucalyptus oil. It just gives me an instant lift. Always keep a bottle of it in my purse and make sure it is with me even when I go on long journeys. It has helped me and my sister in law beat nausea on terrible road trips which were too bumpy and lifted us up in no time. I kid you not, do not ignore this lovely essential oil. Here I am planning to talk about the kind I am using at this moment.


                             NILGIRIS EUCALYPTUS OIL REVIEW

There are many varieties of Eucalyptus but the most commonly sourced and used are the blue gum variety.

The oil is extracted from the leaves of the plant.


Use as an antiseptic.It has both antiviral and antibacterial properties.
Muscle aches,headaches and joint pains.
Sore throat, fever and flu.
Steaming with eucalyptus oil helps relieve sinus and chest congestion.
Fragrance enhances brain activity. Relieves mental and physical exhaustion.
Insect bites and itching.
As a bio-pesticide and dropped into water used to clean the floor of a room.

Rub diluted essential oil over the affected area or mix with a carrier oil. Do not allow contact with eyes and broken surfaces.

DO NOT ingest or use on children, pets, those who have high blood pressure, allergies and pregnant women without consultation of a physician.


Refreshing and distinct woody, camphor-like fragrance that lifts you up.
Relieves nausea and headache.
Helps relieve chest congestion when used during steam inhalation.
Helps ease headaches when rubbed on forehead and temple.
Inhale it lightly to get rid of fatigue and nose congestion.
I use it over mosquito bites to relieve from itching and it has always done the trick.
Also use it as an insect repellant.
I love adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil in my bath water
Also when I am mopping the floor, I add a few drops of it to a bucket of water
I always keep stocks of it so I do not run out of it, it is that helpful, so please try it for sure.

Hole in my wallet: Rs.145 for 100ml




  1. Nice post dear.:)
    Eucalyptus oil is very beneficial.

  2. sounds damn nice. I used to suffer from bad nausea on my trips to the, i dont know-for i havent been on one since a long long time...I shall buy it pronto. but then where do i buy it from?

  3. @Niesha thank you, it helps so much.
    @Seraphicgirl1986, I get mine from the Nilgiris stores as it's pure and also from visits to the hills, they have them at some cute little stores. Am sure you get them online too now :) I just inhale a little bit of it when am really sick of travelling.

  4. nice review.. eucalyptus oil is indeed very useful... during festivals for making the mehndi mix, we mix in a few drops of eucalyptus oil with henna... this gives a wonderful fragrance to the mehndi...

  5. @Amina, thank you for that wonderful tip. I will surely use it in my mehndi for now, it's been ages since I have put any on :) Hope you had a lovely Eid. tc

  6. Great review CC :D The price is on the pocket too! Hope you're having a great day

  7. seems like a super product .. I like how you review different products, n make them available to your readers .. thank u .. I have heard that EUCALYPTUS oil can be used for thinning nail polishes as well, not sure though :)

  8. @Lancy, thank you so much. it sure is. am having a fun Sunday, hope you are too :)
    @Saumya, that means so much to me, Saumya. you really made my day. I usually review whatever I use and I felt this was a staple in my purse and I was wondering why I had not reviewed it sooner. Thank you for that tip on using it to thin nail polishes, it does have that kind of consistency and would really work well, will definitely try, thank you:)

  9. It's my Fav too...i have dust allergy so i will apply this often :)

  10. @Rasa Nandini, my allergies are so bad today , am using it as I write :)

  11. I tried the one from Aroma Magic and it was lovely too.. Nice review CC :)