Shopping Haul for Sister's Birthday

Enjoying your Sunday, everyone?
I have a post with what I got for my sister's birthday this year. Shopping for my sisters is amazing fun. I have two sisters and they are my best friends in the whole wide world. 
If only I had a bigger wallet to get them more. In the future, Insha'Allah! :)
So here's a look at what I got. I really had fun putting it all together for her.
Most of the time I end up shopping in various cities so this is a collective haul from different places where I traveled to this year.
You may note that I had a crystal fetish so some of the accessories match each other even though they were bought seperately from different nooks in our country, which was fun to note when I put them all together.
I love this pair of shades. We love shades in our family. Sister, to Protect thy precious eyes with :)
I love these rose earrings, they are so elegant.
The crystal bracelet is from Lifestyle Mangalore and the matching earrings inside the bracelet pack, can you believe I got them in Chennai and they match exactly!!!
The diamante studs are from Shimla.
A closer look :)
Red Rose studs from Delhi.
The lovely faux gold ring from Rishikesh.
The gem stone bangle from Nagpur
The purse from Mangalore
Floral prints were super IN the past season so I had to get her these.
I got her a pair of ballet slippers which had a similar print. Will try to see if I can get a picture of that in somewhere, don't have them with me currently.
That's all for today folks, have a lovely, lovely weekend :)
Till my next post....toodles. Muaaaaaaah! Love you all.




  1. I too have two sis..they r my best buddies the goodies..convey by bday wishes to ur sis

  2. Wow! that's quite a haul for your sister! I'm sure she will like it. My mum got similar glares from the states, how much did you buy these for?

  3. @Preethi, you are lucky then like me:) thank you, will definitely tell her.
    @Poorva, thank you :)
    @Seraphicgirl, you like it? thanks :) so sweet of you. Yes,these cost me around 2000 bucks.

  4. very nice haul dear, i loved the bag a lot!!

  5. @Niesha, it's pretty isn't it? :) thank you
    @City, thank you :)

  6. Wow. I Love it! You have so so great blog! <3

    Would You like to follow each other? :)