X-rcise Update

Hello Everyone

Hope no one went overboard this Diwali, I didn't. Even if you did, you can work it out. Don't get lazy. I do, sometimes, but then when I get back to exercising, I wonder why I had kicked up a fuss about working out. I have started enjoying my workouts more so because I have started gaining energy and losing weight. Finally! :)

Increasing stamina has always been the top concern for me. I have tried many home remedies like soaking fenugreek seeds overnight and having the water with the seeds first thing in the morning. I did not notice any considerable energy gain though with this method. What I did get energy from was having a litre of water as soon as I wake up and having a King size breakfast. I eat almost anything because I am anyway on the way to the gym to burn it out. I also like to drink Complan the day I feel very low on stamina.

I have toned all areas of my body except my stubborn upper and lower abdominal region. Some people say there is no need to have a flat tummy but I think it extremely crucial because most of our abdominal organs are prime to the metabolic functions in our body and having a lard of fat all around it, is not going to help us as we grow older. It is key to get rid of any excess fat than is required around the mid section. I do not recommend abdominal crunches solely for this region. I prefer the weight loss to be heralded by cardio, for instance the jogger or the cross trainer really help coupled with over all body weight training.

Do not get dejected by how others work out at the gym. Some maybe stronger than you, some may be faster but the most important thing for you to concentrate on is how you are improving from day to day. It is a slow process but if you consider what you have done over six months, it is a big investment and you feel too good about yourself. That is one thing I can say for me. And I am sure it is no different for any of you. So get your body moving. Do it for you.

 Do you guys or girls have any more tips for improving stamina at the gym? I could sure use them before my routine. Do share. Lots of love and light.



  1. Very nice post.:)
    I agree that we should understand out body stamina and focus on our improvements rather than getting dejecting by seeing others.:)

  2. i'm not a big fan of gym... yoga is my kind of exercise :)

    do you want to follow each other on bloglovin' and gfc? let me know.
    wish you a wonderful week!

  3. @Namitha, thank you :)
    @Niesha, thank you dear :)
    @Apossible fantasy, good for you :)

  4. nice post... glad to know that you are enjoying your workouts...

  5. Looks good!
    thank you so much for those kind words sweety.
    Hope to see to back on my blog :)
    have a great day

  6. @Amina, I am trying to :)
    @Jermiah, sure thing, thank you for your comment :)