Botanics Aromatherapy Tea Tree Oil Boots Review

Boots Tea Tree oil review
 I clearly remember when I was 14 years old and going through the harsh summers in school, I walked into  the first The Body Shop store I had set my eyes on and walked out with a teeny bottle of Tea Tree essential oil. At the time, I had no idea what an essential oil was and I directly went on to apply it neat on to a zit on my forehead. Well, what do you know? It stung like crazy and my skin was all raw the next morning.

Tea Tree oil
 At the time, not many people I knew were using this magical stuff. So the next night, I tried again and the same thing repeated. But the zit had completely vanished in this period of time. I was determined and went on to search about this product. I found out that it came from Australia and that it was great for acne and dandruff too. Also , that true essential oils need to mixed or diluted with a carrier oil first. I used to use baby oil back in the day, so that's how I started mixing them up. It had a very clinical fragrance which I liked.

That started my obsession with it for the next coming several decades :)
When I saw this product at Boots in Dubai, I had to get it.

The packaging is pretty basic. It comes in a glass bottle and easily allows a drop to be released when you turn over the bottle upside down. I mix it with whatever carrier oil I have, at the moment it is rosehip oil and I just dot it over the areas of need, read acne prone.
It has a very medicinal, clean-green smell and I like it. I know people who don't.
Please do not apply it neat, else you will almost or always burn your skin.
The oil is very dry, it won't make your skin greasy and it will just disappear into your skin.
It reduces the acne over a period of time, sometimes overnight.

You can also mix it with your hair oil and apply on your scalp if you have issues like dandruff.
If you have extremely sensitive skin, I would suggest you do a patch test first.

This product is way reasonably priced than The Body Shop counterpart and if it were easily available, I'd stock two or three bottles per year. Or maybe, even four!
I'm a hoarder of magical goods you see.

I will be doing a complete write up on the benefits of tea tree oil seperately as i feel this deserves another post.

If you can find it, buy this brand. It works!!!

5/5 rating from me. Grab it.



  1. Wow this sounds good. I have tea tree oil from mitti se. Though it's good but the smell is very strong!!!

    1. this smells strong too, Megha. I must check out mitti se. heard such great reviews about the company! hope you are doing great :)

  2. Tea tree oil is good basic problems. If one is facing problems like acne due to dietary or internal problems tea tree fails. I use mixture of Lavender and tea tree oil (both are anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti septics). They suppressed little bit but my acne did not go. It turned out the acne was due to overheating of my internal organs. Otherwose it is great for burns, yeast infections etc. Nice review!

    1. Yes, I agree. Especially if the acne is a resultant of hormonal problems or diet issues, it takes much more to root out the cause of acne. I didn't know I could use it for burns. Would check that out. thank you :)

  3. Tea tree oil is a magic review :)

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