Jabong.com - Shopping, My Experience and Review

Good day, Everyone!
Today I would love to talk about my shopping experience with Jabong.com 
I am updating my kitchen accessories and always on the look out for good canisters and air-tight storage containers in which I can store spices that I grind for daily cooking. I do not buy the store bought masalas and prefer to use freshly ground stuff.
So my eyes set sight upon an ad, am sure you have seen it on television. They keep running it every now and then and it is too hard to miss especially with that girl's high pitch screaming lol
But I have to say that when my parcel reached me before time, I wanted to scream with glee just like her!!

Let's talk about the site interface. It is very well designed, easy to use and widely navigable. You just need to click on the section you are looking for and you will see a large variety of products featured under each item list. They also mention how many pieces of each item is remaining in their inventory which I think is really cool.

At present they are featuring an introductory gift of Rs.2000(conditions applicable) on signing up so it's a good dealand makes your purchase all the more worth it. Do read the terms and conditions regarding how to use it.
They offer products ranging from watches, shoes, t-shirts, dresses, makeup, jeans, sunglasses, kitchen items, bed, bath and beyond!
With such a wide variety to choose from, great delivery service, free shipping, well responsive customer care- it surely is a great online web portal to opt from. There is a wide variety of brands to choose from.
That's a sneak preview of what you get to see when you enter their portal.
Coming to my experience. I had a breeze choosing what I was looking for. I chose a really functional white ceramic canister which I have been looking for a very long time. It's not available in stores in Mangalore hence I opted for it here. I also wanted to know what condition fragile objects would reach me in so I decided to try that out first. The dimensions of the product was mentioned on their page. I placed my order late at night, within few minutes I got the confirmation both on my phone and email account. I was told they would call me in 24 hours to confirm the dispatch of the product. Which they promptly did too, they sent me a message stating that it would be delivered within 5 days. I was happy. But to my surprise and shock, I got a call from the courier people in less than 2 days! I was least expecting such fast service. Really pleasantly surprised there. And no sooner than that the product was at my doorstep.
Ok! Jabong.com, you guys take your delivery really seriously and have impressed me there.
It was raining very badly so the package came wrapped in a thick sheet of plastic. No way that water could have entered into the carton.Clap! Clap!
Since it was a fragile item, they made sure to notify the courier people about it. You can check out from the picture too how they have labelled it to avoid the product from being handled roughly.
Customer details are mentioned on the exterior of the carton as you can see from the above image.
Once you remove the packet covering the package, you can see there is a sturdy cardboard carton that is taped securely with the company logo imprinted on it.
A label depicting the item purchased along with details of the product placed on the outer carton.
Very well packaged product surrounded by thermocol on all sides.
There is no way the canister would have suffered any damage unless you hacked the carton with an axe. Bravo!
The lovely Ceramic Canister
Some more views of the canister

To sum it up, it was a pleasure to shop with Jabong.com Their processes were hassle free and customer care was very supportive.
Do try your hand at shopping with them and I am sure you will have a lovely experience too.

Disclaimer- I have used a voucher provided by the portal but that has not affected my review in any form. I am here to provide my honest opinion based on my experience.



  1. Very detailed review CC :D :D Love your writing style, as always.

  2. I looove the new look of the blog CC! Jabong seriously has the best service! I have gotten pants delivered in less than 24 hours and I could try them too. :D

  3. nicee..I am loving Jabong too.. :)

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  5. @Smita- I must check out your review too. thank you for the kind comments :)
    @Bhumika- Good to know you like Jabong!
    @Nisha- thank you, Nisha, so sweet of you to notice.Wow! that's some service, isn't it. I was really shocked to get my stuff down south in Mangalore that quick! Amazing.
    @Lancy- Thank you so much, Lancy, means a lot coming from you :)

  6. love their fast shipping and good packaging..

  7. lately iv got addicted to online shopping :)

    looks like im not alone....nice review :)


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  8. love everything!

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  9. @Songbird, have to agree :)
    @Sassi, me too :) hehe
    @Abhi, after my experience with them even I think about ordering online especially when you get something that is not available in your city, so easily. Loved your blog, great effort and following you :)

  10. hi, interesting blog, follow each other?

  11. @Ruhi, nice experience indeed
    Ereha, :)

  12. Great haul, the canister looks really classy.

  13. I received the product with in two days from jabong.

  14. @Selina, it is a really nice addition to my kitchen.
    @Alliyah, thank you dear
    @Khushi, they are really fast :)

  15. The packing looks very efficient.Do they always use thremacol instead of bubble wrap?

  16. @Tanya, this didn't come with any bubble wrap, not sure what they do for other products. You could shoot them an email, their customer care do reply promptly

  17. Had a Pleasing Experience with this new bee, Will be fun if they come with more offers and sale:D

  18. Really impressed by fast delivery of jabong.com, the second website which provides fastest delivery.

  19. Very nice packaging.No wonder the products all reached you safely.

  20. Excellent service and delivery with in 2 days. Jabong is setting new benchmark in the industry

  21. @Kitty, Glad you had a good experience too :)
    @Suman, so true. which one's first? flipkart?
    @jennifer, I know! was bit worried but didn't have to be :)
    @Mitali, It's nice to see how online shopping is being taken to a totally different level in India :)