Working out Woes

Hello Everyone

I just need some encouragement here. It's more than seven months since I started working out. A little more actually. Today was one of those days when I just did not want to go the gym. I kept making up excuses in my head that today was not the day to go to the gym. It also being a Monday was a nice excuse because most people in my gym don't workout on mondays lol But not me. I usually go and laud myself on making it after the weekend. Today that wasn't the case. I dragged myself anyway and wore myself out like a turtle.
Now I feel even more tired. 
Have you have reached this kind of plateau or space where sometimes it's really hard to motivate yourself. I keep thinking about the little dresses and wanting to get back to looking fit again. But you know what, even that imagery ain't working for me anymore.
Am not sure if it has something to do with my diet. I keep wanting to have a huge breakfast but making it alone is a big headache. I always have breakfast no matter what but it's not enough I feel. 
Post work out today I had a milk shake made with bananas, honey, walnuts and cocoa powder. It was just to pep myself up. But I still feel so fatigued.
I hope this phase goes away and I enjoy getting back to working out like I used to.
God, please give me the energy and enthusiasm of a 1 and1/2 year old. For those of you who don't know, I have a nephew that age who runs on unbeatable energy all day long with 5 min naps to recharge. 
How I wish I had so much energy again.
Tips, anyone?



  1. haha..very true..even i need someone to motivate me right now..i hav gained alot of weight after marriage and its high time i join a gym..:(

  2. @Preetha- Take your hubby and hit the gym in the morning before the day starts. Some gyms are really good and have nice trainers. I didn't opt for a trainer, I do all the workouts on my own so I get lazy.

  3. Once in a while its ok to bunk and it okay ;)

  4. @Aarthi, yeah it's just that I shouldn't make it a regular habit ;)

  5. Yeah I am definitely at a plateau right now - just keep pushing yourself, a plateau only means that you're getting so good you need to push your limits more. I decided to change two of my workouts during the week to give myself some variation!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  6. Hi,Bree. I will change my workouts from tomorrow, need to make it a bit more exciting too to get over that plateau :)

  7. hey there....have been enjoying ur blog..
    here is the sunshine award for u
    have fun

  8. Hey Coral

    U knw get yourself some nice workout outfit that is comfortable yet makes you look so good

    try it, it definitely helps

    and as Bree suggested change your workout routine

  9. @Abhi, I am happy you are enjoying my blog. Makes the effort all the more worth it. :) Thank you for the award, you are very kind.
    @Vish, you are right, my workout clothes are so drab, need to get something cute. Thanks for the tip. Today I hit gym with a vengeance and I have to say workout was fruitful. Thank you for your support

  10. Well I can very well visualise the way your newphew is all charged up as my Baby boy whoz 2 year old does the same.. 10 mins nap and he can go on for 6 hours without a break !
    Nice post btw

  11. hehehehe ur lyk me .. my plateau phase is still gng on .. i keep making excuses to avoid workout... u hv me as yr new follower... pls follow back

  12. @Nidhi So cute, that's exactly how my lil nephew is too. They are bundles of energy aren't they? hahahaha enjoyed your comment. thank you:)
    @Riddhi better get to that gym pronto, I got back. phew! otherwise the guilt was just building up!

  13. yes yes.. don't pressurize urself.. we all have our guilt days.. tom is another day :) n if its a serious case then I start watching girls wid excellent figures.. n clothes.. so im movtivated! :D

    Thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog earlier :)

    Maybe you have time to read my new post is up: The making of a Resume

    ~Boomerang Plus

  14. Awww..ds will pass away!! Don't u worry about it!! :D :D Even i had gained weight a bit more than before!! Will try to get dat reduced soon! :P :P

  15. Dont worry dear. i have faced a lot of such phases where to motivate urself again can be quiet a task.:) be happy/:)

    I have an award for you . plz visit.

  16. haah i go through this like every other day so i will start by saying you already doing great if you have a couple months under your belt!! also if you end up skipping a day or two don't beat yourself up! just make sure you don't stop doing anything completely :D


  17. First of all I love the fragrance of Lux soaps. secondly is that the quilt in the background... I have exactly the same quilt that i use during winters. Same pinch!!

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  18. I can empathise with you, happens with me all the time- so I'm going to share 2 insider stories with you:
    1. Go to a gym which has a lot many eye candies ;)
    2. Have green tea with honey before you head out to your gym.

  19. @boomerang thank you :)
    @prachi good for you :)
    @Niesha thank you, you are very kind :)
    @Jessica just need to keep at it, isn't it :)
    @Shoppingaholic Inch pinch to you girl hehe
    @Seraphicgirl1986 I am taking your words like they are gold!! totally going to do this, thank you very much sweetheart.

  20. My day is incomplete without gym! The whole world will ditch you but gym will never betray you and turn its back on you :)


  21. @dearest Megha, thank you for that. from time to time I need to be reminded the same, you are so right. I need to get back again :) lots of love