Lux Purple Lotus and Cream Soap Review

Hello guys and dolls

Today I am going to review one of my very favourite soaps. I just love this one and my family tries to stop me from hoarding them. Find out why I love it so much haha
Lux Purple Lotus and Cream Soap Review

This soap is infused with anti-ageing properties and is a new variant from Lux which has been endorsed by the gorgeous Katrina Kaif.
This new sensuous variant truly makes your skin softer than a petal. Since bathing is a daily ritual, it's very important to use the right kind of soap that moisturizes your skin and leaves you feeling your gorgeous best.Experience this new variant and feel you skin become soft and smooth.


I do not steer towards opaque soaps most of the time and rarely do I use lux but once I tried this once, it became an addiction.

It has a very beautiful smell which can't be described. I would feel that a purple lotus should smell close to this though I've never smelt a purple lotus or a pink one. 
It is very creamy and leaves your skin moisturized as it says it has unique fragrant moisturizing oils.
Lathers very well.
Initially I thought it was a limited edition soap like the Chocolate soap they had a while ago so I hoarded on this because I knew I wouldn't get this anywhere once it's over.
But am happy that it's stayed in the main range. Yaaay!
I love this one and will keep purchasing it.
Hole in my wallet: Rs.10 for 65gm




  1. yeah i had used it long tym back !! now i mostly hoard on bath gels !! hehehehe

  2. Wowiieeee :D I am gonna pick one tomo!!!!!!!! for the fragrance you explained...
    Nice review CC <3

  3. @Lancy. I keep buying it for it's awesome smell :)

  4. @Riddhi, I need to catch up on bath gels too :)

  5. nice review... will look for this next time i visit the super market..

  6. Is it really that good..I might give it a try :)
    I have an award for u dear..plz check it here

  7. @Amina, it's a nice soap. Do try.
    @Budget Belleza, I definitely had a refreshing experience with this one, I always keep one with me just for the lovely fragrance :) Thank you for the award, so kind of you :)

  8. I dunno when was the last time I used Lux. It was years ago!!!
    I too like the transparent soaps esp. the Khadi brand... :)
    I might try this some time. I like the shiny satiny look of it... :)
    Came here blog hopping and liked your blog!
    Do drop by my blog sometime.
    And do follow if you like! :)

  9. Haww :D Looks like you absolutely love this thing LOL :D Mom bought home those pink ones, peach or something :P Will give a try CC :D
    Namita <3

  10. Nice review Coral..I was using LUX during my school days and totally was in love with it...

  11. @Bhushavali, thank you dear. I just order Khadi soap online and yet to try it.
    @namita, hihi yeah i really love this one a lot.
    @Rasa nandini, thank you dear. glad you used to like using it too.

  12. Lux has been my favorite too. Many people do not prefer using soaps but, it has always been my first choice. Anyways nice review

  13. @Pradnya, I am quite surprised too that people are not using soaps anymore. How did I miss the boat? hehehehe thank you :)

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