Reasons why you haven't heard from me yet
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Just after getting back home, I had a lot of back log of work, calls and orders to attend to.
People to take care of, hand overs to be sorted out and massive spring cleaning that is still going on. Work is endless.
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Homework!! Can't say that my dog ate it.

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This image possibly has nothing to do with my week right now because I am no where near organizing my wardrobe but some day, my work space could dream to look like this! Sigh

Catch you all in the coming week.

Stay tuned and sorry to keep you waiting

Lots of love

And oh! gosh!! It's SUMMER!!!!



  1. I was just staring at the last pic.. Wish some day I can organize my stuff like that :(

  2. Aww take your time dear.:) and hope everything gets organized soon .<3

  3. Don't fret, totally understandable! Excited for when you're back to bloggin :)

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  4. Take it slow, Coral!.. Relax and you mind will be eased out. Then you can organize everything at your will.. I loved this post btw. The pictures speak a thousand words and well as for the last pic, my cupboard will NEVER look like that even if I willed it to. Hehe.... It's too good to be true :P