Vision Express Rewetting Drops Review

Hello everyone!! Boy, have I missed you all :)
I took some time to get back to blogging and had some inertia when trying to start off a new post.
But here I am reviewing these drops that have helped me combat dryness when using contact lenses.
There are some solutions that have stung my eye and keeping those in mind, I decided to try this out. I started to use them three years ago and have repurchased them time and again because of how economical and good they are for the price.
It can be used for daily wear and for disposable soft contact lenses. You can view the ingredients in the above picture.
I just place one or two drops as per need in each eye and blink couple of times to get a refreshed and moisturized feeling to the cornea.
You can find these in Reliance Vision Express Stores, I like going there for all my optical needs. Even the frames that I am using currently are from there. They aren't extremely expensive when it comes to fixing lenses for your spectacles. They have a trained set of specialists in each store who check your vision for free and are extremely friendly people. Atleast, the ones in Mangalore are :)
I go to the branch at the City centre mall here.
Really good service.
As you can see, the bottle is really light and compact. All of 30ml, it can fit in your clutch or bag without occupying too much space. It's worth the price.
I have sensitive eyes and have not faced any problems with this product and would recommend the same to all of you.
Definitely see myself repurchasing this.
MRP-Rs.50 for 30ml
I'll give it 4/5 stars



  1. I am still not able to apply contact lens :P Its a steal! Nice review :)

    1. I've always had to struggle with them till I got the new Bausch and Lomb ones. Now it's so much easier. thanks, Megha :)

  2. I need to get this now! my eyes become terribly dry when I use lenses!! Thank you for the review :) Will check it out at the city center mall :)

    1. same here, Deeps! used to have the same problem till I switched to Bausch and Lomb lenses and this solution. I also use refresh tears at night, they feel so good!!! Have a lovely week :)

  3. Wow!.. For that amount, it's really an awesome product!. So worth it. I love such eye drops.

    1. Naz, it truly is a great product. Very handy too. In this day and age of 24 hour use of internet, these things are blessings.

  4. Replies
    1. That's great, Doc, good to know someone else who uses it :)

  5. It is really awesome.

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