It's them

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When we were children, we never thought too much about self worth. Heck, why would we even want to ponder over it for a second. Our parents thought we were cute, our siblings loved our company and our friends just wanted to chase us. There were no snide remarks, jealousies nurtured or evil thoughts to bring us down.
But it's not the same once you grow up. No matter how innocent or pure you may be, there will always be someone who hates you. It could very well turn out to be your best friend since childhood, it could be a family member or it could be a stranger.
For reasons unknown you will be dragged down and have dirt thrown over you, periodically,by means of speech or otherwise.
It's not something anyone escapes. 
We may have done something to bring it on or we may have not.
The point is when someone turns their back on you, makes you feel invisible, mocks you or totally deprives you of your sense of self worth- most of the time, you end up losing that person and when you believe what they say is true, more importantly, you lose you. 
You feel so sad deep inside because that person or set of people may mean the world to you, yet they hurt you. You crave their company but they degrade you and make you feel worse about yourself. 
And then you start believing in it over a period of time, God save you, that you are what they say you are. And you are not you anymore. 
God forbid you believe that.
Because a day will come when someone you absolutely do not know comes up to you, holds you and tells you how special they think you are. That you mean the world to them. A nobody thinks that of you because you have touched their lives with almost nothing, by just being you. Voila! The smile and happiness return.
And then you learn that it was never you. You were always you. It was they who changed.



  1. The last two lines says it all....You were always you. It was they who changed.

    1. Just something that keeps coming to me from time to time. thought this had to be the only explanation for it. :)

  2. This is a very inspirational post. Loved it. While reading it, I felt positive and truly motivated in believing myself. Thank you, Coral!.. Excellent post...

    1. I feel good that I could put across my point in a positive way. Thank you for your lovely comment, Naz :)