Dubai Diaries Post 1

We are doing Dubai. Yes, I just landed here few days ago. Home sweet home after a really long working year. I will have two months to spend with my family before I head back to base.
You must have read about the short bits about my bouts of travel in between and they were all centred around this trip. Coming back to base.
I, for one, was really super excited as I get to spend valuable time with my parents, sisters and the most prized of all, my super duper nephew who just turned 3! My!! Is he a bundle?! and seriously, how fast do kids grow? I don't mean just physically but mentally and emotionally too. I think when I was his age my thoughts were the size of a pea. This tot knows how to operate every single gadget at home, knows where every thing at home is and showed me better angles to shoot selfies. How wise did I feel!
Kids these days, I have to tell ya, they think about everything, they worry, they stress out. I envy them yet I pity them too, for many reasons.
It's pretty hot out here too, more humid than most places I'd traveled to recently but since every place is air conditioned, you do not get to experience the real heat till you are stuck in traffic or you don't have a vehicle with you to get you places.
I will be putting up reviews of places I've been , things I've seen, malls, food reviews and such stuff.
Although I miss my people back in India, I feel refreshed to be back in Dubai. Everything's pretty fast paced out here but it's nice too to sit back and relax, shop around, have fun with the family. Because so much is happening around me and my nephew keeps pulling me away from the laptop, I've been slacking coming online and putting up posts.
Sometime I wish I could be here forever. It truly is a land of dreams :)
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  1. Oh my my!!. Yay you are here :). If I am planning to hang out in a mall in Dubai, do let me know by email and I will see if I can make it to the same mall :D. Welcome to Dubai dear.. For 2 months really?...I thought you said you will be here only for a few days. Hey, your nephew sounds so adorably cute man... It reminds me of my nephew who plays with a Samsung Note and if given a play mobile he understands it snot the real deal and throws it away :P. Oh am so excited for you. Such a quality time you get to spend with your family!. You really need to relax. You been so stressed at work and all man. Enjoy!

    1. Hey Naz!!! Yes, 2 months! I initially thought of coming only for a few days but after talking to my parents, I changed my mind. I mean, when does one get time to spend with one's family, right. And you also know the kind of stress I went through last year when I was here, right. It's actually so much fun to be with family when all are well :) I feel really blessed right now. running a flu right now, since the climate change is so evident. have to keep my nephew at a distance though he keeps climbing back up on me. and the kids here, they seriously know what a real phone and what a toy is. they just throw away the toy like it's garbage lol!!! thanks so much for the warm welcome, sure! when i hit the malls, i will let you know. now just resting up at home and snuggling up to the parents lol

    2. Aww!. You get well soon and enjoy every precious minute with your lovely family. God bless your family dear!. Drop me an email if you go to any mall during any weekend. Then I will ask and try to make my husband take me there :)

  2. are in Dubai!! Would love to meet let me know if you plan to come to Abu Dhabi :))

    1. Hi, Abidha! I am back in India. Sorry, I couldn't meet you but I will be back soon and would love to meet you and your baby :) lots of love