Soletti Duo Pretzels and Salted Sticks Review

Cocktail Mix Pretzels Duo
Even though I'd heard of Pretzels all my life, I did not find the urge to buy and try them until recently. I was riding in the car and suddenly felt nauseated. I just wanted to get out and get some air, put something really salty and sweet immediately in my mouth. I rushed to Choitrams which was near where I was and picked these up. I had a couple of pretzels and I started to feel better. I could attribute it to low BP or the flu that I am running right now but as soon as the salt kicked in, I instantly started to feel less queasy.

They are tiny little pretzels and salted sticks which make for a great snacking idea.
From what I've read and tasted there are no artificial flavours or preservatives.
They are made with Austrian ingredients.

Ingredients: wheat flour, oil, salt, barley malt, yeast 

 For those who are not used to too much salt, I suggest you don't get these. I just wanted something really salty at the time and this really helped the craving. 
Overall, I think it's a nice snack to have at hand when traveling. I am not sure if I would get these again though because I generally can't handle this amount of salt in a small snack. 
It was fun eating them though :)



  1. I have heard of these bt never tried these.. seem like a skinny version of may be garlic sticks.. Lol

  2. Okay... now I am super hungry :D

  3. These look and sound delicious!

  4. I have seen these but never tried it. Not really the kind of thing I would reach for!. But hey, great to know it helped you out when you needed it :)

  5. I like Pretzel though due to the salt content in them, I don't eat them anymore. :(

  6. these looks yummy, wanna try then :(