Dr.Organic Bioactive Skincare - Organic Aloe Vera Gel Organic Aloe Vera Gel review

I'm am ardent fan of the Holland and Barrett chain of stores. Wherever I find one, I pop right in.
While I actually went in to pick their organic line of teas, I chanced upon this aloe vera gel and instantly picked it up. I pretty much use it for everything and leave it in my medicine cabinet. Cuts, burns and almost all closed wounds, I just reach for this and it soothes instantly, not just that, it doesn't leave behind a scar.
Even carry it around when i travel to soothe those mosquito and bug bites. It instantly puts me to ease. Faster than the regular calamine lotion.
The lady at the store claimed that's it's closet to it's bio-active form. I have aloe plants at home and as soon as you cut the leaf, you can see this bile like yellow ooze out of it. I usually clean that up and then only use the white gel inside. But I regret not being able to carry along with me, so in such cases this product is great!
In this tube, this gel appears a medicinal yellow. It may be from one of these additives - acrylates, glyceryl caprylate, potassium sorbate because pure aloe vera is colourless.
Once you apply it to the face, it feels instantly cool and soothing. Note: My friend who has extremely sensitive skin didn't have the same feeling, she had a small reaction. But I have not experienced this till date.
it instantly tightens the skin, does not feel greasy and has a light scent.
However, I don't feel like leaving it on because it does feel like a mask on my face, even though it's barely visible, I always wash it off after some time.

They also have a gel called Dr.Organic Snail Gel and it was sold out. I was very intrigued to try that out. Yes, it is indeed made of the secretion of a snail and apparently is great for anti-ageing. ;) Interesting, huh?

I really think this is one of the best aloe vera gels that I have got to try and will definitely re-purchase it.

Have a great weekend, friends :)



  1. Sounds like a nice one.. i am using the patanjali one and loving it :)

  2. Hey!. Really nice review. I never used Aloe Vera gel for anything. I would like to one day. This one seems really close to the organic one!. Very nice of you to add your friend's experience in this post. By the way, I was pretty intrigued by snail gel too. Saw it in a face mask on my recent trip to Malaysia. But somehow the thought of putting the secretion of a thing that disgusts me, made me put that right back on the shelf. Its anti aging indeed. But man, I dunno if I will ever try :P

  3. Sounds nice! But Aloe gel somehow does not suit me :(

  4. I am a firm believer of aloe vera gels for awesome skin :) I am currently using Patanjali one which is also superb :) Lovely review dear <3

  5. I am a firm believer of Aloe Vera Gels for awesome skin :) I am currently using the Patanjali one which is also superb :) Lovely review doll <3

  6. Currently i am using aloe vera directly from plant but this looks awesome! I need to find it out :)

  7. Nice review....I am planning to buy aloe plant too...would love to try this gel too...
    I have heard of snail gels used for anti ageing...but don't know how effective it is...