Paper Boat Jamun Kala Khatta Review

Kala Khatta

Where's the noun? Who's the adjective? The taste of a colour, the colour of a taste?
Wait, it could be neither....if only I could go back and ask wren, martin and ma'm edwards.

No, that's not my mind thinking, it's what I found on the little dialogue box said by the little purple bird. If it doesn't make sense to you, then you have not read your Wren and Martin Grammar textbooks in school now, haven't you?

I find the concept of Paper Boat really fun and their variety quite mind blowing with very Indian flavours. 

The drinks promise no colours, preservatives or artificial flavours. Which is impressive already.

Coming to the taste of things.

My tall glass of kala khatta was a bit too salty for my taste buds. (I fall into the category of people who have had barely any salt in their regular meals other than for in fries. I still prefer less salted food. )

Add to it the jamun along with sugar. There is also this nice tangy zing to it, the spiciness of jeera comes through more and also a hint of black pepper somewhere. Quite a lot happening in the mouth for words to come out.

The drink tastes just like what the little purple bird is saying. It's very different.

Not as fruity as I would have liked it to be, though.

I expected my tongue to stain purplish like when after you eat the fruit along with this weird after feel on one's tongue but none of that. Which is good, because I usually would end up trying to get that feeling off for a while after chewing a jamun.

Their packaging is really good and attractive. I usually like lingering on to reading everything on a package and there is a lot to read in here so that people like me remain busy and entertained while at it.

The products costs Rs.30 for 250ml pack.

I have some more flavours to present to you but this should hold your interest for now.

I really like how innovative this brand is and wish them more power.

You can check them out here

PR Sample : Opinions are my own 



  1. This looks really good and glad to know they dont add preservatives or colors!

    1. They mention that clearly on the packaging so I trust they do not add anything. I am trying out their other flavours too. :)

  2. Never tried Paper boat ....but I am very tempted!

    1. I have yet to review the other flavors. they have a range of iced teas too, now. I love the packaging of that. very earthy

  3. i have tried this and personally didnt like of tooo many preservatives!

    1. Thank you for your comment, Jayshree. I had not idea about the preservatives. hmmm I usually don't drink anything loaded with preservatives or artificial additives.