Live Happily

Copyright: Praseena 2014

There are days when we find our struggles not bearing fruit. We may doubt the course we have taken, the path looks dreary and dusty ahead. Yet, for years we have been walking it. With no signs of victory or a true ending, the kind we hope to see as we do in fairy tales, one tends to get dejected or lose hope. And succumb to it. Dare that happen to you or me.

I was just mulling over my life with a glass of green tea. It could have been wine but I don't drink so the less fruitier alternative. Sometimes, I see more misses than hits or perhaps it could be the other way around but my mind refuses to see it that way. And dare be it the day I am pmsing then all havoc wreaks. Am sure, you may understand some of these feelings. Been there, done that?

So, I like to look at things afresh. Whenever I have encountered a hole which is so wide that one cannot think of anything else but jump in it, I try to draw or make a bridge across it. Yes, I do. I have done it before and I tell myself that even with a lot of effort, I still can do it again. A bridge across to reach safely and with all of me intact.

First and foremost thing I do when I have hit a wall is, I mope. Yes, I give myself one day or at the most one week to do it. I eat crap, I drink soda and then I just start to detox and re-structure.

Next, I start to work out. It really helps me de-stress and get my focus back in life. Without health, one cannot think straight. The brain needs a great workout to push out all the toxins of yesterday to be flushed out and so I usually hit the gym, because I am not one of those people who will get up and go for a walk. If you are, then good for you. Take that walk. Everyday. Start to eat healthier, drink lots of water and do all the rights things for your health.

So, while I start building up my health, some plans eventually start to fall into place. It certainly does.
I do not lose sleep on these things. Infact, I sleep more, I sleep better. I work on my life goals before I turn into bed and I let my guard down, I rest. While I rest my subconsious state is at work, figuring things out and sometimes, the next day I tend to hit upon a brain wave. Some form of direction and it helps to work towards the direction inching bit by bit.

I like to read. Do what you like to do. Do not let someone else stop you from doing it. If you like to draw, then grab a sketch book and do it. What does it take, an hour in your day or less. Just do it. Feel good about what you like to do. Last month I managed to finish two books, not academic. And I haven't read in years unless I have a gun pointed at me right before exams. This felt so good, I got to tell ya. I keep my books by my bed-side table. Another thing that has really helped me to read is creating an account on 
It's an amazing site where you get to update the pages of the book you are reading, take notes and read reviews of books you are reading or wanting to read. You get great book recommendations. I am sure more of you have heard of it. That site makes me happy!

Get all the clutter out. Organize your room. Give away things you are not using or have not used in six months and will never use. If you have no place to store it or use it, leave it. Let go. Give it to someone who can start using it immediately or atleast re-purpose it. Be free. Let stuff go. The minute your living area and work space starts to look cleaner and clutter-free, the sooner you will start to feel lighter.

Do not buy and hoard things. Before you go hitting the spend button on discounts and excesses online, think for a minute or two. Do I really need this? Do I really, really need this? Where will I keep it? Also, if you can clean it, buy it. Else forget about it. Don't buy it to store it because you are not going to need it if you are going to lock it away somewhere.

Know that anything is possible, you just need concentrated effort and focus on it. And it can be done.

If something's not helping you, let go of it. Set it free. Set yourself free.
Be happy, always smile. Try to avoid arguements with loved ones over petty issues. 

The hurricane in Andhra, Orissa set me off thinking. I pray for the souls of the people living there and hope that the worst is over.

I do think of this every few years. How to live happily? Because what is the purpose of life, when you cannot hold on to it, happily? Is it worth living a sad life, filled with fear? Help as many people as you can along the way. Make time for others. Do not be rude to people, be kind. If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all.

Be happy people. Work towards it if you are not there yet.





  1. I totally relate to what you have written here.. i have had highs and lows and more lows than highs.. bt something in u tells u keep going,, i dnt shop like before n m nt a hoarder now which keeps me at peace.. also exercising and eating right helps u a lot.. atleast a 30 min walk in a day is a must!!!

    1. I had the shittiest weekend, if i could just say so. There's no other way to describe it than that. But by holding my peace and following most of the things that I have written about, I've learned to come around it. Somewhat :) There are good days and then some. But most importantly, if you don't have someone who can hug it out for you or be your friend or family at that time, it's best to re-evaluate for oneself what one can do to make peace out of their existence. Thank you, Natasha :)

  2. i agree i too dont like hoarding unless i need it genuinely! I talk to my mom or fiance whenever i feel low!

    1. Hoarding just leads to piling up on stuff and we might end up losing ourselves in the excess. It's nice that you have your go-to-people when you feel low. I tend to have to deal with things myself which makes it exceptionally hard at times. You are lucky.

  3. I so agree with the post Coral!! :) Whenever I am feeling low, I tend to see thing things a different way. For me timely re-evaluation is very important as there is a lot happening outside and inside me both good and not so good. Loved reading the piece.

    1. Re-evaluation is so important, indeed. Thank you for your input, Niesha :)

  4. Loved reading the piece. Highs and Lows are a part of life. We must always look at the brighter side.
    Do join the giveaway on my blog. A very happy diwali to your family and you dear! :)

    1. Thank you, Naomi. Staying positive helps to stay on top of things :) Happy Diwali to you and your family too :)